Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 732

Liu Hong’s face changed drastically. The person he was waiting for was not the one in front of him.
“Where is Sanshi Yan!”
He asked in a trembling voice.
“You are not qualified to know.”
The man wearing the mask has a low voice, like a subwoofer, but it can make people’s eardrums ache when it sounds soft.
Liu Hong’s voice was trembling, and he seemed a little scared of the person in front of him.
“I’m looking for Sanshi Yan, not you, not…”
He didn’t want to say more, turning around to flee, but with a scream, he was blocked again.
“what are you going to do!”
Liu Hong shouted.
But in this remote bamboo forest, he just broke his throat and no one could hear him.
“kill you!”
The masked man didn’t talk nonsense at all, he swiped his palm suddenly, and made a puff–
Liu Hong’s eyes widened suddenly, his hands clasped his throat tightly, but blood still splashed out of his fingers!
He was trembling, taking two steps back, breathing more and more quickly, and wanted to speak, but he couldn’t even say a word.
“Traitor, damn it!”
The masked man didn’t even look at it, and disappeared into the bamboo forest for a moment.
Liu Hong stepped back a few steps, he couldn’t stand still and sat down, convulsed all over, there was a thin slit in his throat, he didn’t know what weapon he cut, it was as smooth as a thread!
The blood spewed out, and it immediately stained the ground…
“I, I don’t… I, I’m not from the Long Family…”
Liu Hong trembled his lips and stared, his face lost blood, and his voice gradually disappeared.
At that time.
It is still that small yard in the suburbs.
The curtain outside the tea pavilion, the person kneeling on one knee, is the masked person who just killed Liu Hong!
“Lord, Sanshi Yan, whereabouts are unknown.”
“I have contacted him many times, but he has never responded. Lord, you can no longer indulge him.”
The mask man immediately lowered his head and said respectfully.
“Yan Sanshi acted with this kind of personality. It is not easy to find him.”
The person behind the rolling curtain smiled faintly, “The descendant of Xingyiquan, to his generation, it is a peerless one. He wants far more things than you.”
The person kneeling outside did not speak.
The eyes under the mask are full of depth.
“Everyone, it’s all for the same thing. It’s just that some people pursue deeper and some are shallower. No matter what, I can give what you want. As for whether you have two minds and have other ideas, I not give a damn about.”
The Lord’s tone sounded very calm, and there was no slightest anger or anger at all.
But in the ears of the masked person, that is completely different!
He immediately knelt down on his knees, kowtow respectfully, the light in his eyes became stronger and stronger.
“Damn your subordinates!”
“Oh, why should you die?”
The Lord’s tone was still plain, even more plain than tea.
“I…I have selfishness!”
“Really, what selfishness do you have?”
The mask man’s Adam’s apple moved, slowly raised his head, staring at the figure behind the rolling curtain, his fists suddenly clenched.
Suddenly, a little bit under his feet, the whole person rushed out like a sharp arrow!
call out!
Very fast!
At least a powerful master-level master!
“My selfishness… is to kill you! Replace it!”
The violent breath broke out in an instant, the masked man exploded like thunder, his fists opened and closed, and the shot was a killer move, causing a series of bursts of air to rush towards the rolling curtain!

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