Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 733

But in an instant, he flew out, faster than he rushed in.
It’s the sound of broken bones!
The masked man slammed heavily on the ground, his chest sunken, and he rolled several times before he stabilized his figure. He was on the floor of the cabinet with one knee, staring at the person behind the roller blind!
He opened his mouth, squirting out a mouthful of blood, the look in his eyes dimmed in an instant.
“Hehe, your selfishness, nine out of ten people have it.”
After the curtain was rolled, the voice was still calm, it seemed that he didn’t care about this attack.
“You know, how many times can I condone Yan Ru?”
“Because he is direct. From the beginning, he said he wanted to kill me. Every time he saw me, he must assassinate me, trying to replace my position in the hidden gate, and you are too hypocritical.”
The masked man did not dare to speak, and the fear in his eyes became more intense.
This was when he had been silent for ten years, thinking that he had a chance, and then launched an attack, but he did not expect that he could not bear even the master’s move!
How strong is the master’s strength?
“Work hard, I hope it will surprise me the next time I’m assassinated.”
After speaking, the Lord stopped speaking.
Not only was he not angry at this kind of assassination, he was a little funny instead.
The masked man did not dare to say anything, he respectfully knelt down and kowtowed his head, then disappeared.
The fragrance of tea is getting stronger and stronger, and gradually there is still mist drifting away.
This northern matter cannot escape the eyes of the Lord.
He originally thought that a mere East China Sea forbidden area would not cause any disturbances, but until the five major barriers were broken, Lin successfully opened the channel to the north, which made him once again heightened his vigilance.
Especially, behind this East China Sea Forbidden Land, it is rumored to be the Long Family.
“Huh, Long’s family? The layout of this game is really exquisite.”
The Lord said lightly, “This chess game in the north is considered complete, but the person playing chess is not the Long’s family, but the person behind the East China Sea Forbidden Land, and I.”
He put down his teacup and suddenly laughed.
“Interesting, interesting, the water in the north is muddy, do you want to bring out some big fish?”
“It just so happens that I think so too, this game of chess, I will play with you!”

Lin is here!
After receiving a call from Li Dong, confirming that the five major gateway channels in the north were completely opened up, Lin Yu was so happy that she praised Li Dong’s greatness and said that she had not misunderstood the person.
Li Dong was embarrassed for a while.
If it weren’t for Jiangning, how could it be so smooth?
It’s not him who is great, it’s Jiang Ning!
“Mr. Lin, everything is ready, just wait for you to take the goods north, a series of promotional activities, ready to go!”
Li Dong said, “Then, Brother Ning misses you very much and wants to see you sooner, the most important point,”
He turned his head and looked around, looking cautiously, as if he were a thief, and quickly said: “I take Brother Ning out for a drink. They are all formal. Without a little sister, I would never let them harass Brother Ning. Please rest assured, President Lin!”
Hearing Lin Yu’s hum, Li Dong felt that his explanation was still useful.
Putting down the phone, Li Dong took a deep breath.
“Brother Ning, is this not so good?”
He looked at Jiang Ning, who was sitting across from him, and felt a little want to cry, “Lin is always a good person, she wouldn’t kill me, but I always feel that there is some pain here.”
He touched his heart and pointed to his conscience.
Li Dong didn’t want to take Jiang Ning to socialize, because he was afraid of being caught by other women. With Jiang Ning’s charm, even if he put a hood on him, it would be difficult to stop those women with a keen sense of smell.
But at the evening reception, there will be many celebrities from the north, but Jiang Ning said he would go.
“She won’t kill you,”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “But I did it.”

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