Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 736

A sports car worth tens of millions, with the roar of the engine, drove into the hotel and immediately attracted the attention of many people.
“It’s the third young master of the Wu family!”
“Master Wu is here!”
“so hot!”
Several girls, wearing famous and expensive evening dresses, couldn’t help but their eyes brightened when they saw Wu Fan getting off the car.
Rao is that they are all children of families with large surnames, but the gap between third-rate families and second-rate families is like a gully!
It is as difficult as climbing to the next level among families of various levels. Otherwise, how would the Luo Family Tie Family and other big-surname families do everything they can to use the rules of the controller to plunder the resources of various places ?
For these girls, marrying into a first-class family with noble surnames, they dare not think about it. There is no place that places more emphasis on family-friendship than in the north.
But there is still a chance to marry into a second-rate family with a large surname.
Wu Fan stepped off the sports car and looked up, his handsome face with a trace of coldness, and he didn’t seem to be in a good mood.
“Boom boom–”
Another Lamborghini drove in, and it was Zhou Fang, the second young master of the Zhou family, who got out of the car.
“Wu Fan, look at your expression, I guess you must have been scolded too.”
Zhou Fang got out of the car, took off his sunglasses, the expression on his face was not much different from Wu Fan.
“Hmph, you are also a word, it is interesting to use.”
The two big family families both control the northern gateway. Although they are second-rate families, they rank very high in the entire ladder, and they can even break hands with some first-class families.
Wu Fan glanced at Zhou Fang, and the two of them were friends.
When the elders of the two families get closer, the young people will naturally get closer, not to mention worry about food and clothing. It is so boring to think about where to go for fun every day, without a partner.
“I don’t understand the old man at home anymore. I told me not to go out and not to go out every day for the past two days!”
Zhou Fang sneered and pointed to the beautifully dressed girls in the distance, “What will they do if I don’t go out?”
He really didn’t know what could happen in the north, and the family just didn’t want him to go out.
In the north, except for a few people, who would dare to do anything to his Zhou family?
“It’s the same with the one in my house, saying that the north has been unstable recently, so I don’t want to go out. What’s the problem? Who dares to make trouble in the north and don’t want to live anymore?”
How would these young people know about the big things that happened in the north?
And Zhou Shen and other patrons would not tell them, lest there be extra branches and even bigger problems.
“Leave them alone, Song Xiaoyu, the bastard, is quite powerful now and has become the head of the Song family.”
Wu Fan walked towards the hotel, Zhou Fang immediately followed, “You said, he used to call me Brother Fan, will he still call now?”
“He dare not shout!”
Zhou Fang squinted his eyes, “Even if he is the head of the Song family, he is still Song Xiaoyu.”
The two looked at each other and gave a weird smile.
The two of them who appeared on the stage today have the highest status and status. Even if Song Xiaoyu, who is now very famous, saw them at the beginning, they didn’t also shout elder brother one by one, and they would not forget the appearance of bowing and kneeling.
Once a person has been humbled in front of them, they will only remember that person’s humble appearance.
In the hotel, the banquet hall, Song Xiaoyu was all packaged.
Elegant music and soft lighting make people feel extraordinary just after entering the door.
“Hello, please show your invitation letter.”
The waiter at the door smiled respectfully.
Wu Fan didn’t even look at him, but went straight in.
The waiters were startled, reaching out to stop, Zhou Fang directly snorted: “He is the young master of the Wu family, I am from the Zhou family, I want to ask, which family are you from?”
The waiter blushed immediately, and he dared to speak no matter where he was.
He is just a waiter, waiting for the arrangements, and dare not offend anyone.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I ask you adults not to remember the villain’s fault.”
The waiter quickly bowed his head to apologize.
Before Wu Fan spoke, Zhou Fang slapped him over.
“Sorry? Do you think it’s useful to apologize! How did Song Xiaoyu teach people!”
This slap was clear and loud, and the people standing around heard all of them and turned their heads to look over.
They also want to say, who is so rude, this is Song Xiaoyu’s field today, but at first glance, it was Wu Fan and Zhou Fang, no one dared to speak.
Someone could see that this slap was for Song Xiaoyu!
“I am sorry!”
The waiter was terrified, lowered his head and apologized, and covered his face, not even daring to make an angry expression.
How can he offend these children of the big family?
“Young people are not sensible, just give them a lesson.”
Wu Fan glanced at the waiter and snorted lightly.
As soon as the voice fell, it was another slap.
However, this slap was actually on Zhou Fang’s face!

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