Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 741

As long as he can do it, the Song family may not fail for a hundred years!
Jiang Ning nodded: “Remember what you said.”
He will not be the slightest polite, as long as Song Xiaoyu dares to make any action that violates his promise, he will directly obliterate it in the first place!
Song Xiaoyu was pleasantly surprised, and replied again and again, “Mr. Jiang, don’t worry, Song Xiaoyu knows what I should do!”
at the same time.
At the entrance of the banquet hall, several waiters looked ugly, and they saw Wu Fan and Zhou Fang coming in with a few people from a distance.
They wanted to stop, but they didn’t dare to stop, so they had to step aside to avoid unreasonable disaster.
“Get out! Get out of me!”
Zhou Fang shouted, his eyes cold, “What kind of banquet is there? It’s cancelled! The Song family is gone, and there is a fart banquet!”
He glanced around, his eyes were scary, so that the guests who had just talked easily didn’t look good.
“Zhou Fang, if you do this, it’s a bit too much.”
“Yes, this is a Song family banquet after all, you are very rude like this.”
“The Song Family Patriarch personally invited it, but it wasn’t for you to make trouble.”
Among the crowd, there were a few who were no lower than Zhou Fang and couldn’t help but speak up.
Of course they knew that Zhou Fang and Wu Fan’s purpose was to prevent Song Xiaoyu from coming to stage.
Because they couldn’t accept it, Song Xiaoyu, a person who had no sense of existence before, suddenly became the head of a family with a big surname, a higher level than them.
Wu Fan and the others just wanted to let others know that even if Song Xiaoyu became the Patriarch of the Song family, they would be as humble in front of them.
Even the Song family has to become humble!
“Huh, too much? Who is too much!”
Zhou Fang sneered, “Song Xiaoyu made people beat me, how do you calculate this?”
“If his Song family wants to build up its prestige, should I use my Zhou family and the Wu family to operate! Who gives him his confidence!”
He roared: “Today, I want his Song family to disappear from the north!”
The angry Zhou Fang, like a mad bull, made those few people dare not say any more, so as not to be implicated.
The Zhou family and the Wu family are not too jealous, but in the north, it is very unwise to cause trouble for unrelated people.
These, when they were young children, the family had explained it again and again.
More things are worse than less things. They remember clearly that the most important thing to be a human being is to care about their own interests.
Zhou Fang yelled, “Go and see the power and prestige of the Song Family Patriarch!”
With that said, he directly took a few cold-faced people and walked towards the VIP room.
Wu Fan stood there and glanced around, making everyone very uncomfortable.
“Being good with the Song family is not a good choice. I hope you can be clear about this.”
When he finished speaking, he stopped talking, and immediately followed with someone.
Today, if Song Xiaoyu does not kneel down to apologize to them, they will not give up!
Seeing Wu Fan and Zhou Fang, they both called for masters to help out. Some people couldn’t help being a little worried. Anyway, Song Xiaoyu is now the head of the Song family.
If the Song family fell, it would still be a second-rate family with a large surname!
Wu Fan and Zhou Fang did it too much.
But they won’t persuade, and there are even people who are happy to watch the excitement.
After all, they like to beat down dogs, but don’t like to see others who are better than themselves. Doesn’t it seem that they are incompetent?

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