Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 742

Inside the VIP room.
Song Xiaoyu is explaining to Jiang Ning the intelligence he has collected.
“These are the industrial divisions of all third-rate families, as well as some second-rate families, and the network of interests between them.”
“A few of them have close contacts with first-class families, and may even have connections with some top-notch families,”
Song Xiaoyu said, “But at that level, I can’t track it down.”
Jiang Ning nodded.
The weight of Song Xiaoyu’s nomination is not heavy.
Because a lot of information is biased and not too accurate.
In this north, how many people know more about the situation here than Jiang Ning?
But he still gave Song Xiaoyu a chance, because it was enough to prove Song Xiaoyu’s ability.
“How much time did you spend?”
Jiang Ning asked.
“More than six years.”
Song Xiaoyu did not conceal, “This is my trump card. It is prepared to compete for the Patriarch of the Song family. In fact, it has not been completely completed. It is far from what I expected…”
“There are many mistakes in this, do you know?”
Song Xiaoyu is very frank.
“But it’s not that I’m incapable, but…I can’t get in touch with some things. As long as I have a chance, I can figure out the entire northern network!
His lack is not strength, but opportunity!
“Well, I give you this opportunity to learn more.”
As soon as Jiang Ning’s voice fell, the door was kicked open!
Zhou Fang rushed in for the first time, and he looked up and saw Song Xiaoyu talking to Jiang Ning, as if they were talking about how to humiliate him, and it was even more irritating.
“Song Xiaoyu!”
He roared, “What a Song Family Patriarch!”
“Why, stepping on the faces of my Zhou family and Wu family, is it interesting?”
Song Xiaoyu was shocked, not knowing what Zhou Fang meant.
But when he saw him rushing in with someone directly, his face suddenly sank.
Jiang Ning is still here, Zhou Fang is disrespectful to Jiang Ning!
“I don’t know what you are talking about, but if you rushed in, it would be too much.”
Song Xiaoyu suddenly had the aura of a superior, as if he was a Patriarch, speaking to his younger generation, “This is my Song family banquet, and your Zhou family is a guest, but it’s impossible to make trouble. !”
Hearing Song Xiaoyu’s tone, Zhou Fang couldn’t help laughing.
It’s like hearing something ridiculous.
“You really consider yourself the owner of the house? A pretentious dog!”
Zhou Fang’s face was grim: “I tell you, in my eyes, you will always be that humble boy, a senseless trash!”
“The Song family will let you be the head of the house. It turns out that it’s your brother, all dead!”
Song Xiaoyu’s face completely sank.
“Your Zhou family, have you been trained just like this?”
“Teach me the fuck!”
Zhou Fang waved his hand, “You are not qualified yet!”
“I’m telling you, if you didn’t satisfy me today, I would kill you! Even with your Song family, I would kill you!”
Behind him, standing a few gloomy men, looking at the high bulging cheekbones, and the calluses on the joints of the hands, you know that these are all practicers, and they are not weak.
Zhou Fang called them for the purpose of making Song Xiaoyu bow his head.
Otherwise, he would be crazy to humiliate Song Xiaoyu and make it difficult for Song Xiaoyu and the Song family to raise their heads in the north!
Not only him, but also Wu Fan.
Although he didn’t say a word, Song Xiaoyu knew that this Wu Fan was even more vicious and vicious, and he liked to play tricks in secret!
At this moment, in the VIP room, Wu Fan and Song Xiaoyu brought a total of seven or eight masters.
And behind Song Xiaoyu, there were only Jiang Ning and Gou Ge.
Jiang Ning looked at Wu Fan and Zhou Fang. He didn’t expect that these two guys would dare to come in again.
Not only that, but he clearly came to look for things and threatened Song Xiaoyu to make him disappear completely?
It seems that I just agreed to give Song Xiaoyu a chance.
They are about to kill Song Xiaoyu, is it too shameful for themselves?
“What do you want?”
Song Xiaoyu said angrily.
“It’s easy!”
Zhou Fang sneered, then stretched out his hand and pointed at Jiang Ning, “I want you to kneel down, apologize to us, and break his leg!”

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