Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 743

Song Xiaoyu only felt a roar of his head.
Who is Zhou Fang talking about?
Whose leg is he going to break?
He said he wanted to break Jiang Ning’s leg?
He is crazy!
To make him Song Xiaoyu kneel down and kowtow to apologize, he might bow his head when he replaced him with forbearance, but now, he is not only the head of the Song family but also represents the Song family.
It is Jiang Ning’s person, who represents Jiang Ning!
He would rather have his leg cut off than he would kneel down!
Even more impossible, let Zhou Fang and others humiliate Jiang Ning.
“You are too arrogant!”
Song Xiaoyu yelled coldly, “Zhou Fang, don’t be shameless, I really think Song Xiaoyu is afraid of you?”
“If you talk nonsense here again, don’t blame me for being impolite!”
“Hehe, why don’t you think you’re welcome?”
Wu Fan finally spoke, with a cold tone, “Do you think the three of you dare to do it?”
“Let me make it clear,”
He looked at Song Xiaoyu with disdain, “You, the Patriarch of the Song family, have a bad name, not to mention, with your qualifications, I don’t like it.”
Song Xiaoyu smiled angrily when he heard Wu Fan’s words.
“I need you to see it?”
“I don’t want to talk nonsense with you,”
Wu Fan said, “You kneel down and he breaks your leg. Forget about this today, otherwise…we will personally let you kneel in front of everyone!”
Song Xiaoyu was furious.
He was about to rush over, Jiang Ning opened his mouth.
“Take him to kneel and break my leg?”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes and looked at Wu Fan and Zhou Fang lightly. They didn’t even look at the masters standing behind them.
“I’m sure, did you say that just now.”
“Are you afraid now?”
Zhou Fang’s eyes were full of viciousness, “It’s late! Do you think Song Xiaoyu can keep you? He can’t protect himself!”
“Being a dog, you also have to look at whose dog you are. Give Song Xiaoyu a dog, you won’t live long!”
After that, Zhou Fang had no patience anymore.
He wanted to break Jiang Ning’s leg now, and then took Song Xiaoyu to the hall, let him kneel down in front of everyone and apologize.
Ask him the Patriarch of the Song family to kneel down and apologize to the young master of the Zhou family!
“Do it!”
Zhou Fang immediately ordered.
The people behind him haven’t moved yet, but the dog has moved!
Even Jiang Ning did not speak.
Like a whirlwind, Brother Dog turned into a tiger, and rushed directly on it, extremely vicious!
He couldn’t help it long ago.
Damn, you want to break Jiang Ning’s leg?
Where do they get their confidence, when they are brothers, are they dead?
Three punches in a row, vigorously heavy, and iron fists as heavy as a thousand catties, slammed on the thighs of several of Zhou Fang’s men.
The sound of broken bones makes the scalp numb instantly!
Screams, one after another.
Brother Gou yelled angrily, cut the knife in his palm, severely cut them on their necks, and beat them to death.
If he had been cruel, they would have died long ago!
But in an instant, even Zhou Fang didn’t react, and all his men fell!
And Jiang Ning, sitting back at the position at the moment, drinking tea leisurely.
“Break my leg, you are asking if he agrees or not.”
He pointed to Brother Dog.
“I really want to kill you!”
Brother Gou said fiercely.
An endless murderous aura suddenly appeared on him, and behind him seemed to be a sea of ​​blood!
Suddenly, Wu Fan and his few subordinates who hadn’t done anything, were all tense, as if they were facing an enemy!
That’s real murderousness!
They have never cared about the person next to Jiang Ning, they would be so terrible!
“You, who are you!”
Zhou Fang panicked.
He stared at Jiang Ning, his eyes a little weak, his own person fell down as soon as he met him, and he didn’t have the confidence to speak.
Turning his head and glanced at Wu Fan, Wu Fan’s face was already pale.
Obviously, the exposed strength of Brother Gou was too amazing.
“You are not qualified to know yet.”
Jiang Ning said, “But you can know that this Song Xiaoyu, oh, this Song family, I covered it.”
This sentence made Song Xiaoyu feel that he was reborn!
“You want him to kneel, and that means you want me to kneel,”
Jiang Ning pointed to Brother Gou again, “You ask him, agree or not.”

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