Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 744

Let Jiangning kneel down?
That’s Gou’s idol!
It’s the faith of Brother Gou!
Brother Gou wouldn’t agree even if he died!
“You are looking for death!”
Brother Gou’s eyes widened, his roar shook the teacup on the table, and he rushed to Wu Fan and the others in an instant.

With another few punches, a few people lay down on the ground again, their hands and feet were broken, and they passed out completely!
Wu Fan and Zhou Fang screamed in shock!
No matter how much Wu Fan forced himself to be steady, his face had turned pale at this moment, and his breathing had become quicker.
He and Zhou Fang led people to find Song Xiaoyu’s troubles, but now, all of their people have fallen, and there is no resistance at all.
Song family, when was there such a powerful person?
Their master-level masters, hasn’t they already died in Shenghai!
What shocked them even more was that Jiang Ning was sitting while Song Xiaoyu was standing.
Even, Jiang Ning said, Song family, he covered it?
“Just now, who said he wanted to interrupt my elder brother’s leg?”
Brother Gou roared like a huge thunder, shocking Wu Fan and Zhou Fang to be scared.
Zhou Fang was incoherent, and he didn’t know what to say, what else could he say!
The masters he brought were all first-class masters, and they were the backbone of his Zhou family. How could they…how could they be easily beaten to the ground!
“I asked, who is going to interrupt my eldest brother’s leg!”
Brother Gou’s voice is a bit louder!
The cold murderous aura caused Zhou Fang’s whole body to tremble, and his legs instantly softened.
He knelt down, and even himself was stunned.
I actually knelt!
He wanted Song Xiaoyu to kneel down and apologize, but he was kneeling at the moment!
Zhou Fang was struggling to stand up, but Gou suddenly came to him, condescending, looking down at him, his voice was full of chill.
“You, get up and try!”
Zhou Fang suddenly didn’t dare to move.
too frightening!
He felt that the air around him seemed to instantly become cold.
He felt terrible who was the person in front of him.
The scary thing was that Jiang Ning was sitting there, and he was still drinking tea leisurely, without paying attention to them at all.
“And you.”
Brother Gou turned his head and looked at Wu Fan, “Do you want me to do it!”
No matter how hard the mouth is, it is harder than a fist.
Wu Fan dared to say something, and with a plop, he knelt down, his complexion flushed, and he dared not look at Song Xiaoyu.
He and Zhou Fang are going to teach Song Xiaoyu, wanting to step Song Xiaoyu and the Song family under their feet and make them unable to lift their heads.
But now?
Song Xiaoyu’s breathing was a little short.
He didn’t expect that it would be so easy for Zhou Fang and Wu Fan to kneel down.
Just now, it was me who might even kneel down, it was his Song family!
Song Xiaoyu turned to look at Jiang Ning.
“I tell you, this is the way of survival in the north,”
Jiang Ning said calmly, “Before, I didn’t care, but now, you do things for me, no one can let you kneel down, do you understand?”
Song Xiaoyu shouted excitedly.
Jiang Ning got up, walked to Wu Fan and Zhou Fang, and looked down at them.
“Break my leg,”
He squinted his eyes, “You don’t know, I look forward to someone who can do it.”
After speaking, he walked out directly, and Song Xiaoyu immediately followed.
Before Wu Fan and Zhou Fang had time to react, they felt their backs cold, and even their spine trembled.
It’s the look in the eyes of Brother Gou!
“Kneel and go out!”
A few tens of meters away, Wu Fan and Zhou Fang walked on their knees for ten minutes before reaching the banquet hall.
When I saw Wu Fan and Zhou Fang coming out of the VIP room, they were still kneeling out, and the hall was quiet.
The needle drop can be heard!
The music stopped, the conversation stopped, even the sound of walking stopped.
Everyone stared at Wu Fan and Zhou Fang, their faces were full of disbelief, and they couldn’t believe what they saw before their eyes.
What exactly is going on?
Wu Fan and Zhou Fang clearly went in to teach Song Xiaoyu, but now they are coming out on their knees!

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