Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 755

He waited two full hours before he heard a word in the study.
“Just the Song family, what are you talking about?”
Hearing the response, Zhou stretched his body lower.
“As long as I can help my Zhou family and restore my reputation, I Zhou Shen is willing to hand over all my properties in the southwest region!”
“Do you think I can see it?”
The majestic voice came.
“Yes Yes Yes,”
Zhou Shen said hurriedly, “Zhou Shen knows that the Chang family won’t look at it, but…this is the only thing my Zhou family can get out of now!”
His Zhou family, the most important pass is gone, and now if he goes to the southwest region to lay out industries for more than ten years, the entire Zhou family will probably go back more than ten years!
“Fine, I’ll take it along with the Linshan Pass that your Zhou family lost!”
Hearing this, Zhou Shen hurriedly said, “The gate of Linshan City, this is my Zhou family. I want to join the Chang family. Please take it back!”
In the study, a cough suddenly came.
Zhou Shen was shocked, afraid to speak.
Rumor has it that this Chang family‚Äôs third-in-chief has been practicing martial arts since childhood and is in excellent health, but listening to the sound of coughing at the moment, it seems…wounded?
“Hurry up!”
As if he knew what Zhou Shen was thinking, a cold snort came from the study.
“Yes, yes, Zhou Shen retires!”
Zhou Shen didn’t dare to stay anymore, and immediately backed away and left the study.
At this moment, in the study, a middle-aged man, lying on a bench, without clothes on his upper body, can be clearly seen, with blood stains on his chest!
At least two or three bones were broken in the sunken area.
Chang Zai Shan squinted his eyes, as if he didn’t take it seriously, exhaling slowly, and his chest slowly rose and fell and bulged.
After a long time, my chest recovered as before, if it weren’t for the mottled blood stains, I wouldn’t be able to tell that my bones were broken!
“A master above the master level…”
He squinted his eyes, and he couldn’t appreciate any of the conditions proposed by Zhou Shen.
He didn’t care at all about what industry, what resources, and what underground circle gates.
What he cared about was Zhou Shen’s mouth, the master above the master level!
“I didn’t expect that a second-rate family with a large surname would have such a master,”
Chang Zai Shan squinted his eyes and said, “Looking at it, you are still less than 30 years old?”
This is an age that makes people jealous!
“If he enters the hidden door, hehe, is my position going down again?”
Suddenly, Chang was in the mountain, and a cold killing intent broke out!
He got up, put on his robe, his whole person was like a sword, sharp and sharp, which made people panic.
Chang Zaishan walked in front of the mirror and smiled at the slightly hideous face in the mirror, looking very weird.
“San Ye, the Patriarch would like to please.”
Suddenly, a voice came from outside the door, full of respect.
“Got it.”
Chang Zaishan responded.
He hasn’t been home for a long time, and when he returned to Chang’s house, he was called over, which was really annoying.
In the hall, the Patriarch of the Chang family sitting above him, Chang Zai Yuan, had gray hair and was already sixty years old.
As the head of the first-class family, Chang Jae-yuan knows the advantages of his home, and he also knows how difficult it is to survive in the north.
Walking on thin ice!
It can only be described by this word.
Even if they are first-class families, they can control the power and wealth that others can’t imagine, but again, on top of their heads, there are four top-class families!

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