Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 76

“Mr. Jiang!”
Sitting on the sofa, Jiang Ning just nodded slightly, drinking tea to herself.
This Xue Xing didn’t come to him.
“Mr. Lin, I heard that your company has some financial problems, so I will see if there is anything we can help.”
Xue Xing was very polite.
“Don’t you worry that we will go bankrupt?”
Lin Yu is really direct.
Several other banks refused on this ground.
Xue Xing smiled and did not speak.
With the person sitting on the sofa, the company could not go bankrupt. Even if his Donghai Bank went bankrupt, Lin could not go bankrupt.
Of course, the news of Jiang Ning was behind Lin’s. He had already given a death order and was not allowed to disclose it, lest his peers compete wildly.
“We believe in President Lin, and we also believe in Lin’s.”
Xue Xingdao, “Before I came, I had called Chairman Lin Wen. Regarding the loan, we, Donghai Bank, decided to lower interest rates and relax the period to five years. This is also for the purpose of strengthening cooperation with Lin in the future.”
He doesn’t have any twists and turns, and he speaks clearly.
Coming today is not just to help Lin’s family, but to have the opportunity to cooperate with Lin’s in the next business, so that’s why we proposed such preferential terms.
Lin Yu was really shocked.
If you change to another bank, even if you are willing to borrow money at this time, it will definitely be a big open mouth and require extremely high interest.
Xue Xing not only offers preferential interest, but also extends the repayment period to five years, which is tantamount to borrowing money without conditions.
“President Xue, are you sure you are not joking?”
Lin Yu was really unbelievable.
“of course.”
Xue Xing looked serious, “It’s just that my proposal requires Mr. Jiang’s approval.”
Lin Yu was really shocked.
Donghai Bank lent money to itself and put forward a bunch of preferential terms. They have already lost. As a result, they still need Jiangning’s consent?
She had never heard of such a thing before, and wanted to lend money to others without the consent of others.
Lin Yuzhen turned to look at Jiang Ning, but Jiang Ning waved his hand.
“Business matters, you talk about it, I just ask.”
With Jiang Ning’s words, Xue Xing was relieved.
He naturally knows that if Jiang Ning wants to solve it by himself, he doesn’t need the money from their bank at all. Not to mention that Jiang Ning has endless wealth. As long as he says, he doesn’t know how many banks will take the initiative to send money to the door!
But the business field belongs to the business field. Since Jiang Ning gave the company full power to Lin Yuzhen and his daughter, naturally he did not want to interfere too much.
Xue Xing was very accurate on this point.
“Since Mr. Jiang has no opinion, what about President Lin?”
Lin Yu really hadn’t recovered from it. Of course she wouldn’t have any objections to such a good thing.
“If Mr. Lin has no objection, let’s sign the contract, I have brought it.”
It seems that Xue Xing is much more anxious than Lin Yu, and he can’t wait to sign early. He doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to cooperate with Lin.
Lin Yu really didn’t react until the contract was signed, and Xue Xing happily left with the contract, with a lot of brisk footsteps.
Lin Yu was really gagged. She knew that Jiang Ning must have taken the shot. “Isn’t he helping, right?”
She was so useless, Jiang Ning needed help in everything.
“No, it’s your own charm.”
Jiang Ning shook his head solemnly, “I’m not familiar with him, so what can I do to help? People are interested in Lin’s potential.”
Lin Yu really snorted, Jiang Ning is really good at coaxing people, really think he can believe it?
“Get out of here! Lin Yu is real! Don’t hurry out to beg for mercy!”
“Lin Yuzhen, the company is going to close down, don’t you bow your head? Obediently bow your head to Ben Shao and admit your mistake, I can consider giving you a chance!”
Suddenly, there was a voice outside, arrogant to the extreme.
Jin Ran pushed away the person who was blocking, and said loudly, “Lin Yuzhen, if you miss this opportunity, you are really going to be over!”
By his side, following Lin Feng, he was equally imposing.
When he came here, Huang Yuming was directly driven out, and when Lin Yuzhen went bankrupt, this place would become his site!
Jin Ran is like walking in his own company. When he is proud, he looks down on everything.
He wanted everyone to watch Lin Yu really kneel down and apologize for mercy!
“I think it’s someone behind the scenes who dare to make my wife unhappy,”
Jiang Ning walked out and saw Jin Ran and Lin Feng at a glance, and his expression gradually sank, “If you have any last words, hurry up and say it.”

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