Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 763

“hold on!”
Zhou Shen shook his head, not daring to give orders.
The Song family master is not dead, his Zhou family would not dare to go, otherwise, the entire army would be wiped out!
The deterrence of a super master, Zhou Shen is very clear, enough to crush his Zhou family!
He must wait!
When Chang Zai Shan kills that Jiang Ning, he will go to Song’s house again. Then, will Song Xiaoyu’s life be hiss?
To regain its prestige, the Zhou family began with the demise of the Song family.
Have to wait!
He will never make a move without waiting for the news.
Zhou family, but there is no chance to gamble.
“Patriarch, everyone can’t wait anymore,”
The subordinates couldn’t help saying, “It’s not just a Song family, we can easily kill them!”
“To shut up!”
Zhou Shen turned his head abruptly and scolded, “What do you know?”
“How complicated is the situation in the north, you know what a shit! Carelessly, it’s not his Song family that died, it’s my Zhou family!”
“Give me to wait! Who dares to disobey the order, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”
A group of people can only continue to wait in the yard.
Zhou Shen could hardly sit still.
That martial arts madman, just like a lunatic, how can he stand it, he should have shot it long ago?
Is your source too slow?
That Jiang Ning must be dead!
The Song family must have lost support!
“Why haven’t you come?”
Zhou Shen was in a hurry, the news came too slowly.
Suddenly, the door was kicked open, and instantly split in half.
There were a group of people standing in the yard, all suffocating their anger. Where did they think that someone would rush into Zhou’s house like this and look for death.
Zhou Shen turned his head, startled at first, and then angrily said: “Who is breaking into my Zhou family! You are so bold…”
Before he finished speaking, his face suddenly changed.
“Chang…Chang Patriarch…”
Zhou Shen’s voice trembled.
How can it be Chang in Yuan?
Patriarch of the Chang family, how come to his Zhou family!
Chang Zaiyuan glanced around, seeing so many people standing in the courtyard, his face sank, “What do you want to do with Zhou family?”
“Patriarch Chang!”
Zhou Shen hurried over and said respectfully, “I…we didn’t want to do anything. I don’t know if Patriarch Chang came to my Zhou’s house, what’s the matter?”
Chang Zaiyuan didn’t speak, and went straight into the hall, sat down on the main seat, Wei Ming stood beside him.
Zhou Shen didn’t dare to say anything, he felt a little guilty in his heart.
Could it be that Chang Jae-won knew about things about Chang Zai Shan by himself?
But what about it? Often acting in the mountains does not seem to require Chang Jai Yuan’s approval.
“What are you looking for Changzaishan for?”
Chang Zaiyuan asked directly, not too lazy to talk nonsense, “Who did you let him meet, and who did you let him kill!”
Zhou Shen was shocked.
“I, I don’t have one!”
He hurriedly defended.
“Where am I qualified to let San Ye do things for me? Patriarch Chang, don’t wrong me!”
Chang Jae-won stood up, slapped Zhou Shen’s face with a slap, and roared, “I want to lie to me!”
He was not at all polite, even if Zhou Shen was also the head of the family, he could not wait to kill Zhou Shen directly!
This slap made Zhou Shen’s blood boil.
Patriarchs of the same family with noble surnames, even if Chang Zaiyuan is a first-class family with noble surnames, and his status is higher than his own.
He Zhou Shen was first humiliated by the stinky boy from the Song family, and now he was slapped by Chang Zaiyuan!
Are they all regarded as his Zhou family, so bully!
“You… don’t force me!”
Zhou Shen covered his face and said angrily, “What does it have to do with you when I make a deal with Chang Zaishan? Can you control your brother!”
“Come on!”
He shouted sternly, “These people are not guests of my Zhou family, please invite them out!”
The subordinates in the yard have long been unable to hold back.
Hearing the order at the moment, no matter where he is concerned.
One by one rushed directly into the hall.
Often without even looking at Yuan Yuan, Wei Ming, who was standing beside him, gave a cold snort and moved suddenly, violent like a dragon!

But in the blink of an eye, the ground was full of corpses, not one left!
Zhou Shen plopped in fright and fell directly to the ground!
“Who did he meet?”
Chang Zaiyuan grabbed Zhou Shen by the collar and said viciously, “Say!”

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