Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 766

“Help! Help! Dad! Dad!”
Wu Fan yelled, but no matter how hard he struggled, it was useless.
Everyone who usually treats him respectfully and obeys his life, at this moment, it seems that he can’t wait to tie him hard, or even kill him!
The look was fierce and angry.
Wu Fan was tied up and carried to the hall. Wu Hongwei stood there for a long time.
“Dad, what are you going to do!”
Wu Fan yelled, “I am your son! I am your biological son!”
“Even if I make a mistake, you can’t do this to me, right? Let me go!”
Wu Hongwei walked over and looked at Wu Fan’s face, with a rare gentleness and a trace of guilt and apology.
“Wu Fan, people have to take responsibility if they do something wrong, do you understand?”
Wu Fan was startled. He had never seen Wu Hongwei’s expression.
As if saying goodbye to myself, saying the last thing to say.
Wu Fan panicked immediately and shook his head hurriedly.
“I don’t understand! I don’t understand! Dad, you let me go, I know I was wrong, I really know I was wrong!”
He felt like he was going to be taken to the execution ground!
Wu Hongwei sighed, “The one who can forgive you is not me, don’t you understand?”
“Don’t worry, the Wu family has me and your two brothers. Our Wu family will be very good. You should take care of the things you should bear. This is also your responsibility as a descendant of the Wu family.”
After speaking, Wu Hongwei turned his head and couldn’t bear to look again.
He took the lead to leave, and a few people behind him seemed to be carrying a pig to be slaughtered, carrying Wu Fan away.
At that time.
Song family!
Song Xiaoyu kept moving and began to penetrate into the networks of various families in the north.
The task Jiang Ning entrusted to him was to get rid of the various network of relationships and interests secretly involved in these so-called big family families in the north.
He is now in full swing!
In particular, the two big families of Wu family and Zhou family, the father and son knelt down and apologized to him successively, and there was a lot of rumors.
It seemed that all of a sudden, everyone knew that this Song family was different from the past, and this Song Xiaoyu was even more different from the past.
Those who despised him and ignored him before have all changed their attitudes and become more respectful, and no one dares to be disrespectful anymore.
As a result, Song Xiaoyu has more and more channels for investigating intelligence.
“what did you say?”
At this moment, Song Xiaoyu was drinking morning tea while watching the information gathered by his men.
When he saw the news that Zhou’s family was destroyed overnight, he couldn’t help but be shocked.
Yesterday, the Zhou family offended himself, and then, under the awe of Jiang Ning’s powerful strength, the father and son knelt down and apologized to themselves, causing a sensation.
That night, the Zhou family was killed by the whole family?
Is it Jiangning?
Song Xiaoyu immediately shook his head, denying this guess.
“Mr. Jiang is not an extraordinary person, so naturally he doesn’t bother to do this kind of thing. If he wants to kill, he will kill it on the spot.”
Song Xiaoyu is a smart person, and he knows better that a strong man like Jiang Ning will never do things after the fall. If there is a grudge, Jiang Ning will definitely report it on the spot!
But who is that again?
He dared to kill the Zhou family all night!
This hasn’t happened in the north for many years.
“Patriarch, outside the door, Wu Hongwei, the Patriarch of the Wu family, is asking to see you.”
The subordinate walked in quickly and respectfully said.
“Wu Hongwei?”
Song Xiaoyu frowned slightly, “What is he here for?”
“I don’t know, but he tied up Wu Fan, the young master of the Wu family.”
Tied up?
Song Xiaoyu understood it all at once.
This Wu family was frightened.
The Zhou family was destroyed overnight, and the Wu family must have thought that he was doing it with Jiang Ning. Perhaps he was thinking about finding a chance to retaliate against himself yesterday, but today, I am afraid that I am scared.
“Patriarch, do you want them to come in?”
“and many more.”
Song Xiaoyu said lightly, “It’s not that easy to enter my Song’s house, let’s leave it to dry.”

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