Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 768

Wu Hongwei’s waist is almost ninety degrees
“I hope Patriarch Song has a large number of them, and can spare the dog, if you want to beat or scold, please ask Patriarch Song to do whatever you want. I, Wu Hongwei, won’t say a word!”
Even if Wu Fan was killed, what would Wu Hongwei dare to say?
As long as the Wu family survives and sacrifices for lunch, that is what he deserves!
Had it not been for him to cause trouble, would the Wu family be so terrified?
“Patriarch Wu knows etiquette,”
Song Xiaoyu snorted, “Forgive him, it’s not me who has the final say, it doesn’t matter if Ling Lang offends me, after all, I’m just a nasty kid, even if it is the Patriarch of the Song family, some people look down on it, don’t you?”
“Dare not dare.”
Wu Hongwei repeated his hands.
“It was not me who offended him, but the one. Whether he can spare him or not is the one who has the final say.”
Song Xiaoyu raised his eyebrows, “How about I invite someone over, and you will ask in person?”
“Don’t! Don’t!”
Wu Hongwei was so frightened!
How dare he let Jiang Ning take a trip? Isn’t he looking for death?
“Patriarch Song, you and my family have little contact on weekdays. You don’t understand me. I am Wu Hongwei. I am definitely not the one who protects the calf. As long as Patriarch Song can calm his anger and open the conditions, I will meet the Wu family.
He just wants to settle this matter now, even if he pays a higher price.
Even his son’s life is ready to be given away. What else is Wu Hongwei reluctant to bear?
Compared with those, the Wu family’s ability to survive and stay in the north is more important than anything else.
Song Xiaoyu stopped talking.
The more he did not speak, the more panicked Wu Hongwei.
He really felt that Song Xiaoyu had already prepared to do something at night to completely wipe out his Wu family!
Wu Hongwei was nervous, but didn’t know what Song Xiaoyu wanted, he didn’t say it!
Suddenly, Wu Hongwei turned his head, facing Wu Fan’s face, it was a slap in the face.
“Don’t apologize to Patriarch Song, kneel down and kowtow!”
He scolded, “Patriarch Song, can you offend? What crime should you take!”
Wu Fan’s mouth was blocked, he couldn’t speak at all, his eyes were red, and his face was full of despair and grievance, but there was no way. Even if he wanted to struggle, he was clinging to him, and he couldn’t struggle at all.
His knees softened, he was kicked by the person behind him, and he knelt down.
Wu Hongwei pressed Wu Fan’s head hard: “Kow your head! Apologize to Patriarch Song!”

After dozens of times, Wu Fan’s forehead was already dripping with blood!
However, Song Xiaoyu still didn’t speak, and didn’t even glance at it.
Wu Hongwei is almost crazy!
Song Xiaoyu, what does he want?
As long as he speaks, the Wu family will give everything, even if it is his own life!
As long as the Wu family can survive.
“Patriarch Song…”
Wu Hongwei’s voice trembled, and there was a hint of crying. His psychological defense had completely collapsed, and his mind was full of the destruction of the Zhou family. He was worried that this kind of thing would happen to his Wu family.
“All right.”
Song Xiaoyu finally spoke up.
“I don’t want much.”
“As long as you Wu family, in recent years, with the people in the Linglong Group, all the interests, all the cooperation, all the relationships,”
Song Xiaoyu said, “As long as I have something to do with the Linglong Group, I have to know. If one is missing, then I can only visit the Wu family in person and ask for advice from the Wu family.”
In these words, full of threats!
Wu Hongwei froze for a moment. He didn’t know what Song Xiaoyu wanted these to do, but as long as he could survive, he would give everything!
“Yes, yes! These are okay! There is no problem at all!”
These are not even classified as Wu Hongwei’s heart, so Song Xiaoyu only needs this one.
He waited for a while, Song Xiaoyu didn’t speak any more, but he dared not leave.
“Why, are you still leaving?”
Song Xiaoyu said, “That one will come later, do you want to see him again?”

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