Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 769

Wu Hongwei shook his head quickly.
“Then my son…”
“If you don’t have the father’s fault, Patriarch Wu will bring him back to discipline. If you don’t manage well, someone will help you take care of it.”
Song Xiaoyu seemed to teach his grandson, “You have to let him know the pain, so that you can learn more.”
After speaking, he waved his hand, Wu Hongwei immediately arched his hand, retreated respectfully, and went back to prepare everything Song Xiaoyu wanted.
Seeing Wu Hongwei left, Song Xiaoyu immediately put down the book in his hand and ran towards the back garden quickly.
Jiang Ning, sitting in front of the pond, holding a fishing rod in his hand, watching the fish swimming around in the pond, none of them bit his empty hook.
“Mr. Jiang,”
Song Xiaoyu smiled, took out the bait from one side, grabbed a handful, and sprinkled it on Jiangning’s fishing position, “Without the bait, these fish would not come over.”
He raised his hand, and the bait fell into the water. In an instant, the fish in the distance swam over quickly, gathered together to fight for the bait, and splashed clusters of water.
Jiang Ning looked up at him.
“It looks like you have already got the bait.”
“There is a breakthrough.”
Song Xiaoyu said, “Wu family, took the initiative to deliver it!”
“According to Mr. Jiang, if you want to find someone hiding behind the scenes, this Linglong Group is an inevitable hurdle. Everything in the north has something to do with this Linglong Group.”
“As long as we break the balance of the Linglong Group, those with relevant interests will naturally no longer be able to hide themselves.”
Jiang Ning nodded: “Unexpectedly, your kid is quite smart, compared to Lao Huang.”
“Thank you Mr. Jiang for the absurd praise.”
Song Xiaoyu arched his hands and said, “I will take care of this matter myself, and find out the network of Linglong Group as soon as possible.
Jiang Ning got up, “I’m here today for another thing.”
“This Chang family has a problem!”
The expression on Jiang Ning’s face was a little serious, and Song Xiaoyu immediately understood the importance of this matter.
He frowned slightly, “Is that the first-class family, the Chang family? The head of the family is always in Yuan?”
“Is there a second Changjia in this north?”
Jiang Ning asked Brother Dog to follow the person who wanted to kill him, but he didn’t expect that person fled directly to the Chang’s house, and judging from the reaction of the Chang’s house, the status of this person in the Chang’s house is probably not low.
Such a big man can be regarded as a pivotal person in the north, but it seems that even Jiang Ning has no information about him.
“The Chang family’s reputation in the north is not very strong, it is very low-key, but the strength is extremely strong. I have heard of this.
Song Xiaoyu has investigated various families with large surnames in the north, especially those with first-class surnames.
It’s just that he has limited access to the previous level, knows very little, and can’t know more, but he has mastered the basic information a long time ago.
“The Patriarch of the Chang family is often in Yuan, and there are two brothers. The second child is often in Feng Changan and never sees anyone. It is said that he has been missing for more than ten years, and the third child is often in the mountains and is a martial idiot…”
Before he finished speaking, his face suddenly changed, and he looked at Jiang Ning in shock, as if he couldn’t believe it.
Song Xiaoyu just got a clue, it’s still a very secret clue, the one that is always in the mountain, is dead!
The news was not made public, so Song Xiaoyu heard it and didn’t take it to heart. At this moment, when Jiang Ning mentioned Chang’s family, his heart was shocked.
“Mr. Jiang, this is often in the mountains…”
“I killed it.”
Jiang Ning didn’t conceal the least, “Of course, he wanted to kill me first, but his strength was too bad.”
Song Xiaoyu’s Adam’s apple slipped.
That lunatic martial artist is extremely powerful, and he ranks at least the top ten in the entire north, the masters on the bright side.
But in Jiangning’s mouth, the strength is too bad?
Damn, Jiang Ning is so scary to talk!
Song Xiaoyu’s face turned pale, not because he was afraid, but because he was too shocked.
Chang Zaishan died, he didn’t pay much attention, but as soon as he knew that Jiang Ning killed him, he felt completely different, and his whole body was numb.
He was really fortunate that he had made the right choice, otherwise, where could the Song family exist?
“Mr. Jiang, do you want to check this Changjia?”
Song Xiaoyu didn’t ask much, he knew what to ask, and just listened to it.
“It’s not just the Chang family, but there are nearly ten first-class families in the north. I will check this. I will leave this to you. Is it enough for a week?”

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