Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 770

Jiang Ning did not speak any nonsense, and spoke directly.
Song Xiaoyu didn’t hesitate either, and immediately responded.
Don’t talk about it for a week, even if Jiang Ning talks for three days, he does not eat, drink or sleep, he still has to get things done.
In fact, there is plenty of time for a week.
With Song Xiaoyu’s accumulation in the past few years, his status is now rapidly rising, and there are more sources of information and intelligence. There is no problem in understanding the information that these families can understand.
And those things that are hidden deep, Jiang Ning will not be overwhelmed by others.
“In this Chang family, such an important person has died, but they haven’t been announced. It seems that their identities are all special.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “Xiaoyu, you have to pay more attention to the relationship between these big-name families and the Linglong Group, and any related network of interests must not be let go.”
Song Xiaoyu’s eyes flashed.
The heart beats suddenly!
Jiang Ning gave himself all directions. Could it be that what Jiang Ning was looking for was in the Linglong Group?
“Please don’t worry, Mr. Jiang,”
Song Xiaoyu handed over, “Xiaoyu will definitely live up to his trust!”
Jiang Ning didn’t say any more, he kept Song Xiaoyu, just for him to do these things, otherwise, what’s the point.
He knew that Song Xiaoyu knew his value better.
After Jiang Ning left, Song Xiaoyu could start acting without any hesitation.
I just got some clues from Wu’s family, and I can use it immediately.
He had long guessed that the true core secrets of the North were all in the Linglong Group. This seemed to be the same as Jiang Ning’s judgment. In this way, Song Xiaoyu was more confident.
As long as you unearth the secrets of the Linglong Group, you can unearth the secrets of various families in the north.
And he didn’t know that Jiang Ning thought more deeply!
The instability factor of the Hidden Gate is hidden in the disorderly and packed interest network of the Haolinglong Group!
The people who went to the East China Sea to assassinate themselves, and the people who went to the Tan Clan in Beishan, and the people who often lived in the mountains… are all hidden.
Jiang Ning didn’t know how many people in the entire north had joined the Yinmen.
It may be that, or it may be… in every family with a large surname!
What a terrible thing is this?
But, no matter how many there are, Jiang Ning’s pair of iron fists can shake them to pieces!
Song Xiaoyu did the affairs of the big family. Jiang Ning didn’t care about the process, he only looked at the result.
On the other side, the last step of Lin’s plan to go north was about to begin.
Lin Yu really wants to come.
Jiang Ning couldn’t wait for a long time.
These days, Jiang Ning blamed himself and missed everything for failing to be with Lin Yuzhen.
He could only fight for one minute and one second of free time on the phone every day to relieve the suffering of lovesickness, but it made him want to see Lin Yuzhen more and more.
“Looking at Big Brother’s appearance, it seems a little excited.”
The sixth one looked at Jiang Ning from a distance, and said in a low voice, “I haven’t seen the appearance of Big Brother.”
“Sister-in-law is coming, can’t you be excited?”
The fifth snorted, “Don’t be better than newlyweds, you are still young and don’t understand.”
“Who do you think is young?”
“You are young, you took a bath together, I haven’t seen it before.”
“Damn, let’s talk about it after a fight!”

Jiang Ning sat there with a face full of spring breeze, and in a very good mood, he hummed a song.
“Brother Ning, President Lin is on the road, and the plane will arrive in an hour. I will arrange for someone to pick him up.”
Li Dong put down the phone and confirmed Lin Yu’s real itinerary.
“No, I will pick it up myself.”
Jiang Ning got up, and Brother Dog immediately followed, too lazy to bother about the fifth and sixth who were fighting together, the two naive people, don’t they understand, small and small, talk about skills?
Brother Gou drove, took Jiang Ning, and two of them went straight to the airport to pick up Lin Yuzhen.
At the same time.
On the flight to Jiangning round, Lin Yu really leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to rest.
In her mind, Long Linger called her before boarding the plane.
“If you don’t want to kill Jiang Ning, come to me.”
Kill Jiang Ning?
Lin Yu was really taken aback, and suddenly became worried.
Even if she died by herself, no matter how much torment she would endure, she wouldn’t want to see Jiang Ning hurt.
She now regards Jiang Ning as part of her life, how can she accept losing him?

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