Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 772

“The Song family is currently in full swing. It is because the Zhou family and the Wu family are in the upper ranks. Song Xiaoyu is also active everywhere, looking to revive the name of the Song family, but I am afraid that it has another purpose. I found one thing. Song Xiaoyu has followed People in the East China Sea are in contact.”
East China Sea!
People from the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea are also involved!
The rumor was that the Long Family supported it and created a force in order to stir up the north and clean up their dissidents in the Linglong Group.
This incident has long been no secret in the upper echelons of the northern family circle.
“Recently, Lin will officially land in the north. I got news that Lin Yuzhen, the general manager of the Lin Group, will be in the north soon, and she will go to meet someone.”
“Long Linger!”
Long family!
Now, it is completely certain.
The Lin Group has an unclear relationship with the Long Family. It doesn’t matter whether the Long Family really supported the Lin Family in the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea, or other relationships.
Chang Jae-won stood up with a murderous face!
Like a tiger that has been dormant for many years, it opened its mouth in an instant, revealing its white fangs.
“The Long Family…Do you really think that my Chang Family is a bully?”
“What about the top wealthy families? Wouldn’t I be afraid of you when I am always in Yuan? A joke!”
“If you let me lose my brother, I will let you lose my daughter!”
Often said in Yuan Han.
He turned his head to look at Wei Ming, his murderous aura became stronger and stronger, rising to the sky.
“Patriarch, these news have not been confirmed yet, do you want to do it?”
Wei Ming said respectfully.
“Ning to kill the wrong, don’t let it go!”
Chang Zai Yuan Senran said, “Wei Ming, you do it yourself, bring ten people, and you must kill Long Ling’er!”
“And that Lin Yuzhen!”
“It doesn’t matter if the Lin family in the East China Sea Forbidden Land is related to the Long Family. Even if there is a possibility of killing them, I just want the Long Family to pay the price to let them know that they killed the wrong person and did the wrong thing. , My Changjia, it’s not something they can knead wantonly!”
Wei Ming responded immediately.
After speaking, Wei Ming left, and Chang Zaiyuan sat back in his chair, the terrifying aura disappeared in an instant.
It seemed that he was calm again, and he was just a gentle old man. How could he think that the murderous intent that broke out of him just now was stronger than usual in the mountains.
at the same time.
Lin Yuzhen got off the plane. She didn’t take the passage that she should have taken. She left from another passage. The car had already been arranged outside.
Seeing Lin Yuzhen coming out, the car window fell, revealing Long Ling’er’s face, still somewhat cold.
Lin Yu really got into the car and turned to Xiao Zhao and said, “Don’t worry about me, she won’t hurt me, I’ll be back in a while.”
Xiao Zhao was worried, and when he saw Long Ling’er driving, he was even more anxious.
This woman, isn’t it that the last time she went to the East China Sea, she wanted Lin Yuzhen to open her mouth and let the people out of Jiangning, and she also said that she would use her Linglong Group to exchange people from Jiangning.
Lin Yuzhen actually wanted to see her?
“Boom boom–”
The roar of the car engine quickly disappeared at the end, leaving only a roar and drifting away.
“Mr. Lin…”
Xiao Zhao clenched his fists, not knowing what to do.
Lin Yu really asked her to help conceal it, but she was worried that Lin Yu would really have an accident!
“I can’t take care of that much,”
Xiao Zhao gritted his teeth, “If something happens to President Lin, how sad is Brother Ning?”
“If you get scolded, you can get scolded. Mr. Lin hit me, and I admit it!
She hurriedly took out her mobile phone and dialed Jiang Ning’s number.
After two beeps, the phone was connected, Xiao Zhao was anxious, and hurriedly shouted: “Ning Ge, President Lin has gone with that Long Ling’er!”

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