Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 773

On the other side of the phone, Jiang Ning was waiting outside the airport corridor, and she frowned when she heard Xiao Zhao’s words.
“Who did you go with? Long Ling’er!”
Jiang Ning jumped up, “Why would she go with Long Ling’er?”
Listening to the voice of Xiao Zhao crying anxiously on the other end of the phone, Jiang Ning immediately said, “What car did she get on, do you remember the license plate?”
“Good! Good!”
Jiang Ning hung up the phone, and immediately called Song Xiaoyu, “Help me check a car, the license plate number is North 7366C, I want to know the location of this car immediately!”
After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone and rushed into the car. Brother Gou had already started the car. He stepped on the accelerator and rushed out.
“Long Ling’er, if you dare to hurt Yuzhen, I can’t spare you!”
Terrible anger exploded on Jiang Ning’s face.
Even if the other party is Long Ling’er, his childhood playmate, if she dares to hurt Lin Yuzhen, Jiang Ning will not be polite.
The car is like a manic beast, Mercedes is away!
At that time.
Lin Yuzhen sat in the passenger seat, expressionless, staring straight ahead.
“Why do you think that I will not hurt you?”
Long Ling’er said while driving, “To be honest, I really hope you can disappear, so that Jiang Ning will return to me.”
“you will not.”
Lin Yuzhen said, “If you are such a woman, it is even more unlikely that Jiang Ning will like it.”
She paused, as if she was afraid of Long Linger’s misunderstanding: “He only likes me now.”
Long Ling’er laughed, not knowing what it meant.
She looked ahead, stepped on the accelerator more and more heavily, and the speed of the car was getting faster and faster. It seemed that only in this way could her emotions calm down.
The two people were so silent.
The car departed from the airport, all the way along the expressway, speeding away, not in the direction of the city.
“Where are you taking me?”
Lin Yuzhen asked.
Her tone was calm, she couldn’t hear any fear, not even a trace of tension.
“Aren’t you afraid?”
Long Ling’er’s speed is still increasing.
Lin Yu answered honestly.
“I’m scared, why are you still following me? Do you really think I dare not kill you?”
Long Ling’er was a little angry, and his voice changed.
She didn’t want to see Lin Yu’s real face, still calm, and she was obviously afraid, then show it.
She was obviously afraid of death, so she said it out, but she didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything, and even listened to her own words so well.
How could there be such a stupid woman in this world!
“I don’t want Jiangning to be in trouble.”
Lin Yu was silent for a moment, a slight worry appeared on his face, “As long as he is okay, I’m fine.”
Long Ling’er felt like he was going crazy.
She slammed the steering wheel and went straight off the ramp. She speeded up and braked violently. The car creaked and made a faint sound, and there was blue smoke on the brake disc.
Lin Yuzhen’s face turned pale.
She was shocked.
He gently clutched his chest and exhaled.
In fact, she was very scared. She was scared since receiving Long Linger’s call.
Not for herself, but for Jiang Ning. She is really afraid that Jiang Ning will have an accident!
This north, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, the more he understands, the more Lin Yuzhen feels that it might be a wrong decision to go north.
Even if the Lin family develops in the East China Sea, and develops in the provincial capital of Tianhai, as long as the family is together, as long as Jiang Ning is by his side, that’s fine.
But she also promised Jiang Ning that she would become better and try to help more people.
When helping others and becoming the first choice with Jiang Ning, Lin Yu really felt so sad.
“Can you think about it for yourself?”
Long Linger took a deep breath, as if venting, “Not for the sake of others, or for Jiangning. Can you think about yourself?”
“You live for yourself! Not for others!”
“Don’t always be so kind, can’t you do it!”
She yelled, the expression on her face looked angry and anxious, and a little helpless.
It seems that no matter how good she is, as long as she is in front of Lin Yuzhen, she always lacks something, but those things are Jiang Ning’s favorite.
“I just want to be myself,”
Lin Yuzhen whispered, “Jiang Ning said, I just need to be myself.”
Jiang Ning said, Jiang Ning said, everything is Jiang Ning said!

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