Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 782

This is like a mystery, Jiang Ning never knows.
Even when he had the opportunity to kill Jiang Daoran and avenge his mother, it was precisely because of this that he stopped.
What happened that year?
At that time, he was young and didn’t know anything. There was only anger in his heart, only hatred!
Hate Jiang Daoran was cruel, and drove their mother and son out of Jiang’s house and lived on the streets, and even let his mother die miserably in the midst of hunger and cold, Jiang Ning would never forget it for the rest of her life!
Jiang Daoran, a heart-minded person, a man who has no responsibility and no sense of responsibility, Jiang Ning has no good feelings for him, only hatred.
“Brother, I can’t persuade you about this kind of thing, but according to my investigations for so many years, I am afraid that there is really something hidden about what happened back then,”
A Fei has always been very concerned about Jiang Ning’s affairs. Over the years, he has not helped Jiang Ning to investigate. “As long as you say you want to kill him, A Fei, I won’t frown!”
“Whether it’s the head of their wealthy family? It’s the king of heaven, I will help you screw his head off!”
“However, I’m afraid that my eldest brother will regret it, so be cautious.”
Apart from A Fei, no one would tell Jiang Ning, and no one would dare to tell Jiang Ning like this.
The two of them were friendship between life and death. A Fei’s life was saved by Jiang Ning desperately. In A Fei’s heart, Jiang Ning was his elder brother, more intimate than his biological elder brother.
As long as Jiang Ning said a word, A Fei would not say a word on the mountain of swords and the sea of ​​fire!
The boss brought the bean curd, and A Fei took two bites.
“Anyway, I’ll wait for a word from my eldest brother, I will do whatever you ask me to do.”
Jiang Ning nodded, the expression on his face relaxed slightly.
“Sometimes I really miss it. When we were on the battlefield together, we don’t have to think about so much, just kill…”
A Fei couldn’t help laughing.
“No more, now I have a sister-in-law,”
He smiled and said, “I hope my eldest brother is happy.”
With a grunt, he swallowed all the bean curd in the bowl, wiped his mouth utterly, and got up directly.
“I will keep an eye on the things of the Chang family, as well as the Jiang family, and those of the families. Don’t worry, brother, I will tell you immediately if anything happens.”
After speaking, ALFY picked up the hat that was set aside, buckled it on his head, and disappeared into the crowd in a moment.
Jiang Ning was still sitting there, looking at the bean curd on the table.
The thoughts in his mind suddenly returned to the past. At that time, it was his craziest time…
On the battlefield, he smashed his fame abruptly, killing the entire world, trembling at his feet!
But he still couldn’t save his mother, and still couldn’t protect his most cherished person. From that time on, Jiang Ning knew what was most important to him.
He wants to protect the people he cherishes, even if he pays the price of his life for it, he will not hesitate.
Jiang Ning, don’t want to regret any more.
Jiang Ning picked up the bean curd, swallowed it, throwing a wad of money, and turned to leave.
At that time.
Near Chang’s house, there are people walking around from time to time, with strange faces.
From beginning to end, there is no repeated face.
Some people watched back and forth outside, and some tried their best to infiltrate the Chang’s house. It seemed that all of a sudden, the Chang’s house became a place of concern for many people.
Linglong Group, top office.
Long Fei now controls everything here, even if it is not really in control, but his name here represents the Long Family, absolute control over the Linglong Group.
“Ms. Long, Miss Ling’er’s previous information, I have put them on the table, what else do I need?”
“I will look at these information. In addition, all the information of the senior executives in the Linglong Group, as well as the industries and departments they are responsible for, as well as the group’s capital flow in the past three years, I need to look at it and sort it out for me as soon as possible. “

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