Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 785

“That’s it, please.”
After speaking, the roller shutter of the tea pavilion moved, and the figure behind it was like steam, and gradually disappeared as the fragrance of tea drifted away.
“Stop! You stop for me!”
Chang Zaiyuan roared, and immediately rushed in, suddenly opened the rolling shutter, but only saw a simple tea table with the tea cup on it, still steaming.
His eyes trembled, and he didn’t expect that two of the three brothers in the Chang family had chosen to enter the hidden gate.
Is he even the last person to know?
“In the wind!”
Chang Zaiyuan gritted his teeth, “Where are you now!”
In his hand, he was still holding the flesh and blood that had been cut from Chang on the mountain. The red cloud tattoo was stained with blood, making it even more dazzling.
Chang Zaiyuan took a deep breath, his eyes gradually darkened, and suddenly he tore his collar open, his wrist flicked, and a dagger fell in his palm.
He raised his hand and cut away the flesh of his chest and heart, immediately dripping with blood!
Chang Zaiyuan’s face remained unchanged, even without frowning, he cut off his skin and flesh, and immediately covered the piece that Chang had cut off from the mountain!
A red cloud tattoo dyed in bright red is extremely dazzling!
“What I lost in my Chang family…I have to get it back sooner or later!”
Chang Zaiyuan clenched his fists, blood spilled from his fingers, ticking, dripping to the ground…
At that time.
Jiang Ning is not taking care of the Chang family’s affairs. What he wants to look at is the overall situation, not just a Chang family, let alone any big family.
Before all the hidden gates were dug out, what’s the point of killing these big-name families?
The most urgent task is to smash the Linglong Group, remove the layers of fog from the Linglong Group, and thoroughly dig out the hidden people hidden in it!
He felt that as long as the Linglong Group was defeated and the Linglong Group fell apart, the hidden people hidden in it would naturally be exposed because of benefits!
No matter how deep they hide, no matter how careful they are, once interests are involved, they will eventually reveal clues.
These greedy people choose to enter the hidden gate, isn’t it for profit?
As long as their interests are cut off, they are more anxious than anyone else!
“Brother Ning, did you listen to me?”
Seeing Jiang Ning in a daze, Secretary Xiao Zhao stretched out his hand and shook his eyes, “Brother Ning!”
“Ah, listen.”
Jiang Ning hurriedly said, “This French fries tastes better, with a spicy flavor and crisp taste. It is a must-have choice for home travel, work and work.”
“Brother Ning!”
Xiao Zhao rolled his eyes, “This was a topic half an hour ago, I’m talking about boyfriend now!”
She sighed and talked to Jiang Ning for a long time, but he didn’t even listen. It was too much.
Thanks to me, I prepared meticulously, put on makeup and took a good photo. It took more than an hour to retouch the picture. Just about to ask Jiang Ning for his contact information, Jiang Ning told her about French fries.
“Boyfriend? Don’t worry, you will see him soon. It’s the style you like, handsome and handsome. I promise you will like it.”
Jiang Ning smiled and turned to look at Lin Yuzhen, who was on the side, connecting with Li Dong’s business process.
“They haven’t discussed it yet?”
Jiang Ning didn’t quite understand business matters, so he left it to Lin Yuzhen to toss himself.
It takes more than one hour for Lin to officially land in the northern market. The entire Lin Group has held dozens of meetings and paid special attention to it.
“Actually, the plan has been finalized, but President Lin wants to make a few more preparations in case of unexpected needs.”
Xiao Zhao’s topic changed quickly, “Brother Ning, how did you know that I like being handsome?”
“Because you keep staring at me and drooling.”
Jiang Ning is not at all polite, “It makes me look like French fries.”

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