Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 786

Xiao Zhao blushed suddenly.
“Good-looking, good-looking person, and able to fight, what’s wrong with a few eye-catching eyes, I dare not snatch a man from President Lin,”
She said, “I can’t grab it anyway.”
“Well, self-knowledge is a very good character, keep it up.”
Jiang Ning stood up, grabbed the French fries from Xiao Zhao’s hand, walked and ate, walked up to Lin Yuzhen and the others, pulled a chair and sat down to listen.
“For the time being, in this way, our products are okay. What we need now is trial and error. Look at the feedback from the market and consumers.”
Lin Yuzhen has put away the folder in his hand, “Relevant data must be collected, and we will adjust it when necessary.”
Li Dong and the others immediately began to get busy.
“Wife, you have to be careful of that fellow Xiao Zhao,”
Jiang Ning took a piece of French fries and stuffed it into Lin Yuzhen’s mouth, “She actually thinks of me badly, she secretly looks at me drooling, I don’t dare to get too close to her now!”
“Too dangerous!”
“Then I will fire her.”
Lin Yu really took two bites, the taste seemed to be different from the previous ones, the taste was good.
“It doesn’t seem to work,”
Before Jiang Ning could speak, she shook her head again, “Excuse her, whose snacks shall we grab?”
If Xiao Zhao knew that Jiang Ning and Lin Yu really coveted her snacks, they didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.
A bag of French fries, with no residue left, Jiang Ning wiped his mouth.
“are you ready?”
“Well, well.”
“This is just the beginning. The Lin family not only wants to enter the northern market, but also firmly occupy this place, and even replace the position of the Linglong Group in the north!”
This can be regarded as great ambition.
Jiang Ning said it lightly, as if it was nothing at all.
Replace Linglong Group!
Lin Yu was almost choked by the French fries, Jiang Ning quickly poured a glass of water for her, took two sips, and then calmed down.
“You said you want to replace the Linglong Group in the north?”
Lin Yuzhen’s face was a little red, and the weather went well after a while, thinking that he had heard it wrong.
There are more than a dozen industries under the Linglong Group, and they are all in the leading position. The strength is so powerful that it is daunting!
Jiang Ning’s face was calm and calm, “Is it difficult?”
Lin Yu really took a deep breath. Is this a difficult question? This is an impossible question.
If it is only in Lin’s related industries, there is still a chance to compete. After all, Lin’s investment in this area is huge, and now he has a lot of experience.
But Linglong Group is not only in this industry, but involves various industries and all aspects!
In those industries, Lin hasn’t even heard of it, how to replace it.
Do you rely on dreaming?
“This is not a difficult question,”
Lin Yuzhen said, “The industries under the Linglong Group are not covered by the Lin family. How can we compete?”
“No competition,”
Jiang Ning said solemnly, “Kill them and grab them directly.”
Lin Yu was really speechless, kill them… just grab them?
She blinked her eyes and stared at Jiang Ning. She didn’t react for a long time. Jiang Ning was joking, or was talking about it seriously.
Kill the Linglong Group and then grab all their properties?
Not talking about doing, just talking, it makes people feel energetic.
“Jiangning, are you serious?”
After a while, Lin Yu took a deep breath. Although she had an answer in her heart, she couldn’t help asking.
“Well, seriously.”
“it is good.”
Lin Yu really nodded, “Then what do you want me to do.”
This is Lin Yuzhen. As long as Jiang Ning tells her that what he said is serious, Lin Yuzhen will believe it and trust it 100%. There will be no doubts. She will do what Jiang Ning wants her to do.
“First have a psychological preparation,”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “This will take time, maybe three months, or maybe…”
“Three to five years?”
“No, three to five days.”

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