Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 792

Qin Min knew that he could only talk about this, and even talk about it at home. Once it was passed on, the consequences would be disastrous.
The Long Family Zhengshou has no excuse to kill the Qin Family, right?
With the Long Family supporting the East China Sea to become a forbidden area, establishing the Lin Group to conquer the city, the Long Family’s ambitions could not be more obvious. They just wanted to eradicate the dissidents in the Linglong Group.
Make Linglong Group the industry of their dragon family!
After using everyone, are you ready to cross the river and demolish the bridge?
You ask whether other people agree or not!
“Patriarch, it is impossible to deal with the Long Family now. Unless other top wealthy families take action, they will just kill themselves.”
Several members of the Qin family were discussing, and they were all persuading Qin Min to calm down.
No matter how you look at it, the Qin Family is not an opponent of the Long Family. It would be foolish to take the initiative to hit the stone with the egg.
Not only could it not avenge Qin Wok, but it would also give the Long Family an excuse to annex the Qin Family!
“Then what do you say?”
Qin Min was annoyed, “Not only my Qin family, but also several families, all of them are like this. I was killed by Long Fei on the spot, and everyone can unite and deal with the Long Family?”
“Patriarch, in addition to the top wealthy family, or a few first-class families, who can compete with the Long Family?”
Qin Min was even more angry. He was slapped severely, but he didn’t even have the courage to fight back.
He is aggrieved!
“Hmph, can’t we deal with the Long Family, can’t we still deal with the Lin Family?”
“Isn’t this Lin family secretly supported by the Long Family? How many people’s interests have been lost by the Long Family using the Lin family? Don’t everyone dare to calculate this account?”
“Yes, if we can’t deal with the Long Family now, then we will deal with the Lin Family. Will the Long Family stand by their eyes? As long as they dare to admit that they have committed public anger, everyone will unite and destroy the Long Family!”
As soon as several people said, Qin Min stood up immediately.
He can’t wait to do it right away.
“Just deal with Lin’s!”
He directly gave the order and snorted coldly, “I want to see if this Long Family will watch Lin’s collapse by us!”
“Notify the people of other families that everyone has started with the Lin family. I don’t believe that he will just give up on the industry that the Long family has worked so hard to support!”
Almost within a short day, the other big family members in the Linglong Group had a tacit understanding secretly.
No one wants to lose their position in the Linglong Group, or lose the benefits they have been operating for many years.
But the Long Family was too much, too strong, not to mention the demolition of the bridge over the river, and even slapped them severely. How could this matter be forgotten.
They dare not deal directly with the Long Family, so they will destroy the Lin Family!
at the same time.
Lin Yuzhen and others are preparing for the market launch of new products.
The entire northern branch was mobilized.
This time, there was no need to even call for a call. As soon as the plan came out, the East China Sea side responded, and they wrote applications, wanting to come to the north and explore new markets.
In particular, Lin Yuzhen announced the future direction of the Lin Group, which made the entire company excited.
For these employees, work has become no longer just work, but a career, a career that everyone can work hard together!
“New products are going to be put on the market, and the sales channels have all been connected. Now, it’s time for the Lin Group to gain a foothold in the North!”
Lin Yuzhen was cheering everyone on at the video conference.
After she finished speaking, she turned her head to look at Jiang Ning: “Do you have anything else to add?”
Jiang Ning leaned back on the chair lazily, squinted his eyes, and looked at the people on the big screen, knowing that everyone was staring at him at the moment.
“I have nothing to say,”
He smiled and said, “I just prepared a 100 million yuan bonus, do you like it?”

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