Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 8

Lin Feng gritted his teeth with anger.
He lowered his posture and pleaded in such a low voice. This is Jiang Ning’s attitude?
I gave them a step down, they still don’t know what to do!
“You…you wait for me!”
Lin Feng cursed, fearing that Jiang Ning might start another nerve, and ran away in a hurry.
In the room, Su Mei and Lin Wen looked at each other, and at the same time looked at Lin Yuzhen.
“Will this make things worse?”
Before Lin Feng left, he was obviously threatening them.
Lin Yu was really worried.
She knew exactly who Lin Qiang and his son were.
He never regarded Lin Wen as his younger brother, so naturally he would not regard Lin Wen’s family as relatives.
Annoyed him, this kind of person can do everything.
“will not.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “He asked us to wait, we just wait.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning directly started to clean up the dishes and chopsticks. Su Mei saw him and hurriedly walked over to grab them.
“I’ll come, I’ll come.”
This uncle has a bit fierce temper.
She didn’t think it before, but now, Jiang Ning clearly wants to protect their family and prevent Lin Qiang and his son from being bullied.
Is this really a tramp?
“Mom has worked hard.”
Jiang Ning smiled.
He entered the role really fast.
Lin Wen was a little nervous, but didn’t know what to say, and this family has never been the final decision.
He had to hide in the back room again, and closed the door tremblingly.
“You really offend them now.”
Lin Yu really sighed.
Lin Feng came to apologize, with a good attitude. For so many years, she had never seen Lin Feng bow her head.
She even thought about making major events smaller, so as not to intensify the contradictions.
But Jiang Ning didn’t pay any attention, and Lin Qiang had to apologize in person.
How is this possible.
It is impossible for the uncle who is mean and selfish to save face and bow his head to apologize to them.
“you are wrong,”
Jiang Ning’s eyes were clear, “They offended me.”
“I said, no one is allowed to bully you.”
With that look, Lin Yu was really flustered.

One hour passed.
After Su Mei washed the dishes, when Jiang Ning was taking a bath, she hurriedly got into Lin Yuzhen’s house.
“Yuzhen, who is this Jiang Ning?”
Su Mei whispered, “How do I feel, he is a little different to you.”
Lin Yu really blushed.
“What are you talking about, we didn’t know each other before.”
She bit her lip, but since seeing Jiang Ning, this guy has been protecting herself and his family from being bullied by Lin Qiang and his son.
“Do you really let him sleep in your room at night?”
This is what Su Mei is worried about.
Although Jiang Ning is Lin Yu’s real husband in name now, they still don’t want to admit it to their family.
“He is mentally ill!”
She worried that Jiang Ning would hurt Lin Yuzhen.
Lin Yu really hesitated for a moment, thinking of Jiang Ning’s clear eyes.
“He won’t hurt me.”
The bathroom door opened, and Su Mei hurriedly went out, lip-synching: “I have iron rods in my house, call me if you have anything to do!”
Lin Yu really blushed, and his heartbeat was fierce.
Do you really want Jiang Ning to sleep in her room?
“Boom boom boom!”
The door outside was knocked again.
Lin Wen looked like a frightened cat, and his pores were open.
Su Mei also paled.
Lin Qiang is here!
With his temper, he would definitely not bear it!
Even Lin Yuzhen couldn’t help getting nervous. She walked to the living room and looked at the door, as if there were dozens of bastards holding sticks behind the door.
A family, like a big enemy!
“Open the door.”
Jiang Ning was wiping his head with a towel and said with a smile, “A visitor is here.”
His casual appearance made Lin Yu really helpless. Is this guy really not afraid, or does it matter?
She walked to the door, opened the door, and Lin Qiang was in sight, followed by Lin Feng.
Lin Qiang’s face is not pretty.
But still squeezing out a smile, “Buddy came to the door and apologized to you!”
Lin Yu was really shocked.
Su Mei, who was overhearing on the door of the room, was also shocked.
Lin Qiang really came to apologize?
“Expelling you is a misunderstanding, everything is Lin Feng’s fault, I have already taught him.”
Lin Qiang pointed and Lin Feng immediately lowered his head: “I’m sorry, Yuzhen, I was wrong, please forgive me.”
“Uncle is also wrong in this matter. If I fire you without investigating it clearly, I am the one who is wrong.”
Lin Qiang said, “I hope you can forgive uncle, the company needs you.”
The tone is extremely sincere.
If Lin Yu really didn’t agree, it wouldn’t work.
“Tomorrow, I will greet you at the door of the company, resume your position, and explain to everyone in person, and give you justice.”
Lin Qiang said.
At this point, apology can be said to be full of sincerity, and the attitude is extremely humble.
Looking at Lin Qiang’s slightly bowed waist, Lin Yu really didn’t know what to do.
She subconsciously glanced back and saw Jiang Ning nodded before agreeing.
“Uncle, I know, I will go back tomorrow.”
“Well, tomorrow, I will be at the gate of the Lin Group, waiting for you, good night.”
After that, Lin Qiang and his son left.
Close the door.
Lin Yuzhen’s face was still full of disbelief.
Lin Qiang personally came to apologize!
The attitude is still so sincere!
When did she meet?
“Big Brother really came to apologize?”
Lin Wen opened the door, his lips trembled and his eyes were a little red.
Has his family been bullied by Lin Qiang for so many years?
When did he apologize.
In his eyes, he would only shame the Lin family. If it were not for blood relationship, they would have driven their family out of the Lin family long ago!
“Come to apologize!”
“he came!”
Su Mei was also very excited, apparently depressed for too long, some of her emotions could not be controlled.
Being a daughter-in-law in the Lin family depends not only on the face of the old man, but also on the face of the elder brother. She felt uncomfortable for decades.
Just after hearing Lin Qiang’s low-pitched apology, Su Mei’s grievance was even more unbearable.
“This damn bastard sometimes bows his head with us.”
Samui was almost crying.
Looking at the appearance of his parents, Lin Yu took a deep breath.
She has always known that her parents were bullied by her uncle and suffered cold eyes and grievances.
But today, even if it was only once, it was enough to see Lin Qiang bow his head and apologize.
“From now on, no one can make you wronged.”
Jiang Ning dried her hair, “My wife, no one can bully, and my husband and mother-in-law are the same.”
After speaking, Lin Yuzhen’s family looked at Jiang Ning blankly.
This uncle and aunt who came to the door is really different.
At that time.
After leaving Lin Yuzhen’s house, Lin Qiang’s face sank completely, terribly gloomy.
Lin Feng, who followed behind him, did not dare to say a word.
Jiang Ning forced Lin Qiang to come to the door and apologize in a low voice, which was tantamount to a slap in his face!
“Tomorrow, notify all employees to greet Lin Yuzhen at the company’s door one hour early!”
Lin Qiang sneered, with a vicious expression on his face, “In addition, secretly released news that Lin Yuzhen had an improper relationship with Huang Zong, forcing the Lin Group to bow its head!”
“I want to see if Lin Yu really has the face to stay in the Lin Group!”

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