Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 803

Suddenly, the people present were in an uproar, wondering what Qin Min was talking about.
A few days ago, fake products did appear, causing skin allergies, even ulcers, and signs of poisoning. When it becomes serious, I am afraid that it will be disfigured!
But Lin has declared that he has caught the fraudulent black-hearted vendors and handed them over to the judicial department for processing. Now all the products on the market are genuine, and Lin will not allow fakes to exist!
Now, some people even say that there are fakes here?
“Not just this one, that one, and that one. In this mall alone, more than half are fakes.”
Qin Min sneered, “Don’t believe it? I’ll prove it to you!”
In front of so many people, if it proves that the most prosperous shopping mall is generally fake, how desperate are these consumers?
They will only vent their anger on Lin’s head, blaming Lin’s for allowing so many fakes to appear on the market, what else can Lin’s do?
Their credibility will be completely bankrupt!
Many companies have been ruined by fakes this year.
Qin Min immediately opened the package and shouted: “Lin’s genuine products have anti-counterfeiting labels, and fakes also have them, so from the naked eye, they can’t tell at all, but –”
He tore off the anti-counterfeiting label. Here he specifically explained to Qin Hui and made a special design. As long as he scratched it with his finger, a different pattern would appear, and the workmanship was very poor. At first glance, it seemed to be fake!
“Look here, Lin’s genuine product. The anti-counterfeiting label hidden here is very well made. It is coded with a laser. The fakes are all mimeographed. Scratch it with your fingers…”
As he said, he scraped with his nails, and everyone around him surrounded him, looking at Qin Min’s fingers and the anti-counterfeiting labels he scraped away.
But Qin Min’s face suddenly changed. He scratched off the anti-counterfeiting label, but what was revealed was the exquisite laser marking!
“You want to prove that this is a genuine product?”
Someone snorted and couldn’t help teasing.
“Huh, this one is real, but what else?”
He threw away the one in his hand and picked up the other one on the counter. The clerk hurriedly stopped. The one Qin Min took, he recognized, was taken out of the counterfeit storage bar, and the verification on the spot was finished!
“Stop! You can’t mess around! This is our product!”
The clerk was going to grab it, but Qin Gang stopped him, and said with a sneer: “What, do you have a guilty conscience?”
He directly took out a thick stack of banknotes and threw them on the table, “I bought all these goods!”
Qin Gang yelled, “If this store is not a guilty conscience, how can it stop everyone? There are more fakes than genuine products in the market. This is clearly what Lin did this deliberately. They want profit and want Make money regardless of the rights of consumers!”
“You can all scratch off the anti-counterfeiting label to see if it is genuine!”
Qin Min slowly tore open the package, watching the clerk’s gradually pale face, as if he was going to be sentenced to death, and he wanted him to slowly enjoy the process of being executed.
The people around were also moved. They tore open the packaging and wanted to verify on the spot whether the products they bought were genuine.
If it’s fake, they have to smash this store!
The clerk’s face was instantly pale, and even the boss was so anxious to jump up, but he didn’t dare to pass, otherwise he would be even more eager to cover it up.
“Tear and pull–”
Qin Min tore off the anti-counterfeiting label and quickly scratched it with his nails, staring hard at it, wanting to see the mimeographed fake code.
He was stunned!
“This… how is this possible?”
Still authentic!
This is absolutely impossible!
How could it be that it is fucking genuine? This sales outlet, he specifically told me to sell fakes, how come the two major products are genuine!
Qin Min was angry and frantically, grabbing other products on the table, tearing open the anti-counterfeiting labels one by one, but all of them were genuine.
He almost collapsed!
“It’s real, mine is real.”
“Mine is real too, is it sick, causing me to tear the package? Neurosis!”
“Everyone is genuine, this guy is here to make trouble, boss, don’t you kill this dog?”

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