Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 804

Qin Min was stunned, and Qin Gang was stunned.
The two stood there and looked at the pieces that were torn apart by them. There were a total of 30 or 40 products, all of which were authentic. They didn’t seem to be here to fight fakes, but they came here to tell everyone that they were sold on the market… All are Lin’s genuine products.
Lin’s goods cannot be imitated!
The surrounding customers were all angry, feeling that they were being teased by the two old men Qin Min, and they directly surrounded both of them.
“Let’s talk about it, how can this be solved? I fucking want to give it away, and now the packaging is torn, how to deliver it?”
“Two old things, chess at home is not fun, come to the mall to get nervous, what about my goods now?”
“The dog day, I gave it to my girlfriend. If she thinks I picked it up, I will kill you!”

Qin Min was surrounded by both people and couldn’t walk away at all. The few grumpy ones were all ready to do it.
“I will pay for it! Can’t I pay for you!”
Qin Gang immediately took out a stack of money and passed them one by one, and the crowd let them go.
At this moment, Qin Min’s face was more uglier than eating a dead mouse, and his body was trembling with anger. What is going on?
“What are you doing, do you still want to mess around!”
Seeing that Qin Min and Qin Min refused to leave, the clerk was full of confidence at the moment, “If you don’t go anymore, I’m going to call the police!”
Qin Min slapped his hand up and knocked all the clerk out, “Boss, get out of me!”
The boss was still annoyed and wanted to get angry. Seeing Qin Min’s aggressive and fierce approach, he immediately lost his confidence.
“You, what do you want to do?”
“I am from the Qin family!”
Qin Min was not at all polite. He stared at the boss and announced his name. The boss’s expression suddenly changed. Of course, the people of the Qin family knew that his superior was the Qin family!
Even the source of his fakes came from the Qin family, and he knew better than anyone what the purpose was.
Where did he think that the Qin family is here!
“come here!”
Qin Min was furious, “If you don’t want to put all these goods away? They are all genuine products. What are you selling!”
If this was heard by those customers, Qin Min was afraid that he would not be able to leave the mall today.
The boss respectfully invited Qin Min to the office and cautiously said, “I really don’t know. I brought these goods from Qin Hui and President Qin. They are the same as before.”
He always thought it was a fake. In the first few days, someone came to question, but he blocked it.
But now no one complains at all. It seems that the products I sell are all genuine products.
He knows better than anyone else that half of the genuine and fake products are mixed and sold. It is entirely luck to get the real or fake.
“How could Qin Hui’s goods be genuine,”
Qin Min sneered, “If you dare to lie to me, you will never have a foothold in this north!”
The boss was trembling with fright, and said repeatedly: “My goods are really taken from Qin Hui. No, the batch that just arrived, Qin said, let Lee give it to us people, all of which are 30% off. Give us the cost price.”
“what did you say?”
With Qin Min’s eyes, Qin Gang immediately took apart all the goods that had just arrived, and looked at them several times, all of which were genuine.
“It’s all true.”
Qin Gang’s expression was ugly, and he grabbed the boss by the collar, “You can tell me clearly that these goods are all from Qin Hui?”
“It’s true!”
The boss wanted to cry without tears, “He took it all at a 30% off the cost price. I thought, anyway, it’s fake, it’s cheap and it’s normal. Wherever I thought, it turned out to be genuine.”
Of course he does not lose money, the cost is lower, but the price is still the original price. The one who loses is Qin Hui, the Qin family, this producer!
Qin Min faintly felt something was wrong, and that face became extremely ugly, almost turning black.
“There is a problem with Qin Hui!”
Qin Min stood up immediately, if he didn’t react again, he would be really stupid.
“Go, go to the factory!”
He asked Qin Gang to call more than a dozen masters, and he felt in his heart that something must have happened on the factory side.

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