Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 805

In the past few days, Qin Hui has not asked for money, materials, and various materials. The Qin family has invested a lot, and the Qin family’s daily losses have exceeded 3 million!
In just a few days, the Qin family lost nearly 20 million, and Qin Min’s heart was bleeding.
Although the money is nothing to him, if he loses money and contributes to Lin’s products, Qin Min will really be vomiting blood!
Qin Gang was trembling with anger. He also wanted to take this opportunity to let Qin Hui perform well and show his face in front of the lord, so as to improve his status in the Qin family.
Where did he think that such a simple thing could be done like this by him.
Not only did he not drag Lin into the sewage, for a few days, I don’t know how many goods were produced for Lin, and all the materials used were all the materials provided by the Qin family.
No wonder Lin’s recent publicity has become more frequent, and the speed and efficiency of supply replenishment have improved a lot, and the fuck is actually using their factory secretly!
Qin Min rushed to the factory with people. Before entering the factory gate, he heard the roar of machines coming from the factory building from a distance.
Especially since he has just approved a few million, the new equipment he bought was transported and installed in the fastest time by special plane. At this moment, the horsepower is full, the 24-hour shift, and the daily output is enough to supply the sales of several northern cities. !
“Go in!”
Qin Min’s face was blue, and he rushed in quickly. He arrived at the factory and saw the packaging of the products, each with Lin’s trademark engraved on them, and he didn’t know if it was a genuine or fake.
He immediately picked up a few anti-counterfeiting signs and scratched them madly. Seeing the laser markings on them, he trembled.
“Patriarch, don’t worry, it may be that the craftsmanship that Qin Hui is imitating now has improved. It looks real, but the contents inside are fake!”
Qin Gang said quickly.
“Bring me the product and test it immediately!”
Qin Min gritted his teeth and said viciously.
This is the best way, otherwise, he will kill Qin Gang and his son!
Soon, Qin Gang took the prepared product and immediately called a technician to test the product. When he saw the test result, the technician said lightly: “It meets Lin’s production quality standards, no problem. ”
“No problem? This is a big problem!”
Qin Min’s lips trembled, and he suddenly understood that now this factory is producing Lin’s genuine products!
Use his Qin family’s property to produce Lin’s goods?
What was still used was all the materials provided by his Qin family, but Lin did not pay anything and used his Qin family for nothing?
Even the empty glove white wolf, there is no such a set, right!
“court death!”
Qin Min threw the product packaging on the ground with a snap, like a wild beast, even his eyes were red, “Where is Qin Hui? What about Qin Hui’s bastard!”
He yelled, making Qin Gang pale with fright. Before Qin Gang could explain, Qin Min walked directly to the factory director’s office.
“Who is this? The quality is too good to be scolded? Is he sick?”
The technician looked at Qin Min’s back from a distance, as if looking at a neuropathy.
“Don’t froze, concentrate on work, we must not lose the reputation of the factory, we must ensure that the quality is passed!”
Seeing the people around, the technician yelled and went out to get busy again.
And then.
Qin Min led people and rushed towards Qin Hui’s office angrily.
He just wants to kill now!

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