Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 808

Qin Min shivered!
Is this man in front of him a lunatic?
I have said that he is the Patriarch of the Noble Family, but Jiang Ning actually said that he was the Patriarch of the Noble Family!
Qin Min covered his face, embarrassed and angry, “You are looking for death!”
In response to him, it was Jiang Ning’s heavy slap, directly hitting Qin Min’s teeth flying out, yelling.
Qin Hui, who had fallen to the ground, had long been frightened.
That is Qin Min, the Patriarch of the Qin Family!
Jiang Ning actually humiliated him so rudely like hitting a dog!
So what does it count as yourself?
Jiang Ning might dare to do it directly if he said to kill himself.
“Your Lin… You Lin’s trouble!”
Qin Min gritted his teeth and yelled in pain, “You are offending the entire northern family of surnames. No one can save you!”
“They will crush you Lin completely! Step on it!”
Jiang Ning got up, didn’t even look at Qin Min, turned around and walked back to the boss chair, and sat down again.
“I never counted on anyone to save me,”
He said lightly, “In this world, I really don’t know who can save me.”
Qin Min didn’t understand Jiang Ning’s words. He didn’t know what Jiang Ning meant. In this world, no one can push Jiang Ning to the point where someone needs to save him.
Qin Min gritted his teeth and couldn’t resist even if he wanted to resist. He didn’t bring any masters. It seemed that even if the Qin family’s most powerful masters were brought, it would be of no avail.
This Jiang Ning and that dog brother in front of them are simply lunatics. Who dares to provoke them?
He really didn’t expect that Lin had such a master, this must be arranged by the Long Family!
Apart from the Long Family, who would have such a master, who could throw out two of them casually?
“If you have the ability, you kill me!”
Qin Min yelled, “You dare to kill me, people from other families will never let you go! I won’t let you Lin Clan!”
“Do you want to die?”
Suddenly, the temperature in the office dropped suddenly!
Qin Min choked in his throat before he finished speaking, unable to speak.
He clearly felt a violent murderous aura, and locked him almost instantly. As long as he dared to say he wanted to die, Jiang Ning would fulfill him immediately!
How dare Qin Min!
He was just hard-mouthed and said two cruel words!
His Adam’s apple slipped and he couldn’t speak dryly, fearing that if he accidentally made a mistake, Jiang Ning would just do it.
After this factory, there is a clearing of mountains and forests, just dig a hole and bury yourself, no one can find it.
“take it easy,”
Jiang Ning turned to smile, but Qin Min didn’t feel relaxed at all. Offending such a demon made him suddenly feel regretful, “I won’t kill you.”
“This factory is now very short of workers. If you can have one more labor force, then one more. What’s more, this is your Qin family’s own industry. You are working for your own family. You are not embarrassed to get a salary, right?”
Qin Min was almost mad.
What is Jiang Ning talking about?
He wants to be a factory by himself and work in the workshop?
He is dreaming!
“Agou, give them a few, take a few sets of work clothes, and find an experienced master to bring them along, and get started as soon as possible.
Qin Min shouted.
This makes him feel more humiliated than killing him!
How could he go into the workshop of the factory and do the work of the low-level workers? He would rather be interrupted by Jiang Ning.
Jiang Ning didn’t listen to what he said, and said indifferently: “The performance appraisal standard is the same as that of other workers. If you don’t do a good job, you will be punished.”
“The Qin family mainly leads by example, and the requirements are higher. If they do not do well, they will break his bones.”

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