Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 809

Qin Min stopped talking.
His body was trembling, his eyes were flushing, and he had never felt so suffocated and angry!
Jiang Ning, this is to humiliate yourself!
Brother Gou would not be polite. He immediately asked someone to bring a few sets of work clothes and threw them to Qin Min’s people: “Put on.”
The voice was cold, without the slightest emotion.
Qin Min dared to resist, if he had the courage to die, he would not be alive at this moment.
“You…you will regret it!”
He angrily said.
But Jiang Ning justified him, lowered his head and continued to eat fruit.
Brother Gou led Qin Min and others into the workshop and found a master to teach them the operation process. Who dares not to listen carefully, who dares not to do it seriously, Gou is not the slightest bit of politeness.
After watching Qin Gang with his own eyes, three finger bones were directly broken by Brother Dog, Qin Min was completely honest, did not dare to say a word, red eyes, tears, while sitting silently on the assembly line, working hard.
He felt that this was the darkest day of his life!
Qin Gang cried loudly, clutching his fingers, “What should we do now? What should we do!”
They can’t contact the outside, even if they want to ask a master to clean up Jiangning and the others, they can’t do it. Now they are forced to work in this workshop by Jiangning. When have they done such a thing?
“You still have the face to ask me?”
Qin Min grabbed the thing at hand and smashed it on Qin Gang’s head, “If it weren’t for you father and son, I would have fallen to this point? I really want to kill you!”
Qin Hui did not dare to speak, and silently bowed his head to do things.
He was thought to be miserable enough, but now that Qin Min, the head of the Qin family, was summoned to work by Jiang Ning, there was some balance in his heart.
Jiang Ning is really a devil!
The people of the Lin family were so terrible and cruel to the point that he didn’t understand why the Qin family wanted to provoke the Lin family.
Wouldn’t it be better to go with the Long’s family directly?
But Qin Hui didn’t dare to say. He just wanted to finish things earlier and Jiang Ning would let him go. For such a person, what he said would count, Jiang Ning said, he should persuade others with virtue.
The machines in the workshop are roaring, and the equipment is non-stop 24 hours a day, continuously producing goods for shipment.
Qin Min and the others work in two shifts, changing once every twelve hours, almost making Qin Min tired and paralyzed. When did his age have been so hard?
Two dark circles popped up all of a sudden, Qin Min drooped his eyelids, and his whole body was numb, repeating the packaging work mechanically, and even many people standing beside him did not respond.
With a soft sound, the flashlight shocked Qin Min.
He hurriedly turned his head to look, a stranger, holding a camera, was shooting randomly at himself.
“The Patriarch of the Qin family actively sought cooperation with Lin to help Lin develop the northern market, and even went to the workshop personally to carry out production and labor, which is admirable!”
When Qin Min heard this, he was immediately anxious.
“Nonsense! Don’t talk nonsense! I don’t want to cooperate with Lin’s! Don’t talk nonsense!”
He wants to stand up, but his legs are numb, and he can’t stand up at all.
“Title, just write it like that, comrade reporter, can you write it?”
Jiang Ning ignored Qin Min and turned to look at the camera reporter.
“Brother Ning, don’t worry, I’m professional in writing soft essays!”
Jiang Ning took a bite of the apple and nodded: “Then I can rest assured, I’ll wait.”

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