Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 819

Behind the surveillance, Qin Min trembled after hearing a sound. Watching the video, the dozen or so people were chased and beaten by the dog brother, crying for their father, and kneeling to beg for mercy. He was numb.
That’s too strong!
Killed more than a dozen by one person?
Qin Min knows very well that these people are practicing family, not bad at skill, or desperadoes, and they are extremely ruthless!
But in front of Brother Gou, like a child who has not grown up, he can easily be rubbed on the ground by Brother Gou!
“Mr. Jiang, this…”
Qin Min’s throat slipped, “He is a master-level master?”
“It’s a far cry.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “But he has killed many master-level masters.”
Qin Min’s head went blank for an instant!
That’s the fucking far cry?
Even the master level master can kill, Jiang Ning still said that the dog is far behind?
Are all the people in the Lin family such lunatics?
During the surveillance, apart from Brother Dog, there were no more people standing. A dozen people all fell to the ground, unable to move, either with broken hands or feet, which was terrible.
Qin Min felt that his heart was about to jump out. He was against such a person before?
Who are the people that I provoke!
“Won’t he come in?”
Qin Min saw that in the video, Brother Gou took out a stool from the security room and sat down in front of the iron gate of the factory, like a door god.
What is he going to do.
Jiang Ning raised his eyelids, threw the snack bag after eating into the trash can, and opened another bag of French fries.
“He hasn’t gotten hooked yet. I hope there are more people who come, otherwise he will be too boring.”
Jiang Ning knows the hobbies of Brother Gou very well, and he likes to fight.
Especially now, thinking about his skill and learning a little bit, he didn’t find the enemy to fight, so he would look for the old five and six to fight, otherwise his fist would be too itchy.
Just in time, some people will help him out.
After that, Jiang Ning ignored it and concentrated on eating his own snacks.
But Qin Min’s eyes widened, staring at the screen, and without leaving for a moment, he wanted to see how good Brother Gou is.
In one morning, six or seven groups of people came, more than once, more arrogant every time, and some even wanted to drive directly into the factory to arrest themselves.
But Brother Gou sits there, just like a door god!
Qin Min calculated it. There were 72 people who broke the leg, 38 people who broke the hand, 19 people who broke the bridge of the nose, and the sternum, hair and hair. tooth……
The more he watched, the more afraid he became, and the more he watched, the more excited he became!
Others come to be hard, the dog is harder than them!
Finally, it was time for lunch, and it was clean.
The ground outside the iron gate of the factory was mottled with blood. Brother Dog didn’t let anyone clean it. As soon as the wind blew, the air was full of a strong bloody smell.
When someone came again, as soon as he arrived at the door, his breathing stopped, and he was too depressed to breathe!
Especially, seeing their eyes gleaming, looking expectant and excited at their brother dog, they did not wait for the dog brother to start, they had already escaped.
Who dares to make this money?
Take your life to earn it!
Soon, the news came out. Outside the Qin family’s factory, there was a ruthless man who made a brutal and brutal attack. Everyone had to break at least one bone in the past. As for which bone to break, it depends on fate.
Those people in the underground circle didn’t dare to come again. They lost nearly 300 people in one morning. Even if Qin Min could be arrested, they wouldn’t be enough for medical expenses.
“Mr. Jiang, how much does it cost to hire him in a month?”
Qin Min’s Adam’s apple slipped, his face flushed, not knowing whether it was due to excitement or something, and even breathing quickly.
He thought, if his Qin family had such a master, he would still be afraid of fart!
“do not know.”
Jiang Ning glanced at Qin Min, “Between us, don’t talk about money.”
Qin Min shook his fist, “How about I exchange it with the last master of the Qin family?”
Jiang Ning laughed.
“Add another 20 million!”
Jiang Ning still shook his head.
“Ask him yourself.”
When Brother Gou came in, Qin Min immediately greeted him and changed his previous attitude. That face looked like he had seen his relatives, full of enthusiasm and awe.
“Mr. Dog!”
Brother Gou frowned, how does this name sound like a curse.
“I want to ask Mr. Dog to be the guard of my Qin family. I don’t know what kind of conditions you want.”
Seeing that Jiangning hadn’t stopped, Qin Min asked courageously, “You just drive, with an annual salary of 20 million? If it’s not enough, I can add more, a house, a car, a woman, money, as long as you drive, as long as I have it, there is no problem!”

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