Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 820

too strong!
Qin Min even felt that Brother Dog was even more powerful than the so-called Grand Master raised in his own family!
This kind of actual combat master has simple moves. It looks like there is nothing complicated at all, but it is extremely powerful. This is the master, the real master.
Brother Gou was just a word, shouting.
Qin Min was startled: “I am very sincere!”
“Mr. Jiang…Mr. Jiang will not stop, as long as you promise!”
He just asked Jiang Ning.
Brother Gou raised his head and glanced at Jiang Ning: “Even if I die, I will follow him.”
After speaking, he stopped talking, and stood beside Jiang Ning, like a wooden stake, without even an expression.
Qin Min was stunned.
Brother Gou doesn’t want money, houses, cars, or women. He just wants to follow Jiang Ning desperately?
Even, I would rather die than follow Jiang Ning!
What is the charm of Jiangning!
Let a person follow him so faithfully.
If Qin Min knew that there were many more people like Brother Gou, he might suspect that the world was crazy.
He looked at Jiang Ning, the expression on his face became more and more in awe, and the fear of Jiang Ning in his heart became more and more serious.
Jiang Ning’s body seemed to be covered with a layer of mist, making it hard to see!
“It’s really good value for money.”
After a while, Qin Min took a deep breath, and now he finally understands what Jiang Ning said.
He didn’t insist on having a master like Gou Ge, and his heart became more determined. Although he was forced to cooperate with Lin and Jiang Ning, it seemed that this was not a bad choice.
“Mr. Jiang, these people can’t achieve their goals with the methods of underground circles. I’m afraid they will use the methods of underground circles. Then…”
At that time, no matter how hard the fist is, I am afraid there will be no way.
This north is the world where the circle on the ground overlooks everything. The strength of those big-name families in the circle on the ground is far beyond what Jiang Ning can imagine!
His Qin family chose the Lin family. In just one day, almost all the people in the Qin family’s circle on the ground were cleared out.
Let him Qin Family, now in the struggle of the circle on the ground, there is no resistance.
“This kind of fries is really not delicious, Patriarch Qin, can’t you let people prepare something I like?”
Jiang Ning ignored his question, took out his mobile phone, and said lightly, “Forget it, I will ask my friend to send some.”
At that time.
Several people are sitting together, their faces are not pretty.
“A bunch of rubbish! Can’t even rush into a broken factory, useless things!”
“Those people in the underground circle are not in the stream and can’t be on the stage. What do you expect them to do?”
“Don’t let Qin Min’s family run away! This bastard dare to betray us, he must die!”

Several people scolded a few words in a row.
The methods of underground circles are not good, so you can only use the methods of underground circles.
Directly pressed down strongly, forcing Qin Min to come out, and then they secretly attacked and killed Qin Min!
“Did your director Fang explain it well?”
One of them spoke, looking a little anxious.
“I’ve already gone, huh, I won’t be able to open the broken factory in the Qin family, depending on how much Lin’s loss is!”
“In this factory of the Qin family, there are still a lot of problems that can be found out. Qin Min went through the procedures on my side before. Many of them were cut first and then played. Many procedures have not been done in time. This time, I will let He regrets it!”
A few people sneered, and they felt more relieved this time.
If you don’t hit the Qin family severely and deal with Qin Min, where should you put the faces of these northern families?
at the same time!
A car drove to the entrance of the factory, the door opened, and five or six people walked down. The middle-aged man who took the lead had a serious and majestic face. He was holding a dozen punishment seals in his hand and he was gloating in his eyes.
“Director Fang, can you just seal it up?”
The man asked.
“No, go in and have a look, you have to do the whole thing,”
Director Fang straightened his stomach and said meaningfully, “I want Qin Min to watch this factory with my own eyes and be sealed by me!”

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