Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 821

His face is full of pride.
When Qin Min worked with him, his attitude was a good one. After all, everyone is a friend, and it is convenient if it is convenient.
But now, they are enemies, and the Fang family must even have Qin Min die!
If the Qin family is not forced to ruin the family, then they will not let it go!
Director Fang took the people and walked to the door, but was immediately stopped by the security guard.
“What did you do?”
After two or three days of baptism, the security guard at the door has become more courageous. They have seen Brother Dog show off, and now they feel that they also have a domineering attitude, and their voices have become louder.
“Register now!”
This is what Gou told them to do. Regardless of who is here or what they are doing, let them register first and leave a name.
Director Fang hadn’t spoken yet, and his men immediately shouted, “Don’t you recognize this suit?”
“do not know.”
The security guard just glanced at it and hummed, “Don’t let in if you don’t register!”
Director Fang waved his hand again and again, and a meaningful smile was raised at the corner of his mouth, “Okay, register, and then write this down to prevent us from checking.”
“Director Fang is wise!”
The eyes of the subordinates brightened, and the director of Xin Dao Fang was indeed an old world, too powerful.
He immediately stepped forward and wrote the name and background of the director at the bottom of the register. After finishing writing, he glanced at it. There were a lot of names recorded on this small book. At a glance, they were all members of various families with large surnames in the north.
Some names even have faint blood stains, I don’t know what the situation is.
“are you done?”
Without waiting for him to ask the security, Director Fang had no patience and asked.
“Okay, okay, can you open the door now?”
It was the first time for them to come for an inspection, and they were still stopped at the door. In the past, those people who saw the clothes on their bodies made them tremble with fear, and came to receive them in fear.
Hmph, if you don’t take a good look at something wrong today and let the Qin family’s factory shut down completely, then they will be here in vain!
When the iron door opened, the security guard didn’t even look at them. It seemed that no matter who came, they didn’t care. Anyway, the people inside could solve everything.
Director Fang glanced at a few security guards and frowned slightly. He didn’t like the reactions of these security guards. He liked that others feared him, complimented him, and even looked up to him.
He snorted, “Qin Min, Qin Min, it’s useless, all your tricks are useless. Now your Qin family is a rat crossing the street, everyone shouts and beats, do you know how many people you have offended? ”
“It’s not just my Fang family who wants to see you die, huh!”
He stepped in, and the few men behind him immediately followed, took out the registration book in his bag, and started to find faults.
A group of people walked into the factory’s production workshop before entering the door, but was stopped again.
“What did you do?”
A technician spoke with a loud voice, “Dust-free workshop, no outsiders are allowed in!”
“we are……”
“No matter who you are, have you made an appointment? Did you get permission from Ning? Who let you in? Get out!”
Director Fang’s face changed slightly, he came to check, still need someone else’s permission?
“Resistant to inspection.”
Without even thinking about it, he turned to his assistant and said, “Take it down!”
The assistant wrote it down immediately, a sneer flashed across his face, he wanted to see these idiots and expose some more problems, so that they would be more refreshed when they picked up Qin Min!

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