Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 826

Qin Min was like a child, restrained and nervous, with his hands on his knees, not daring to make any unnecessary movements.
Where did he think that the person Jiang Ning invited would be A Fei!
He didn’t even expect that in front of Jiang Ning, A Fei was still respectful, and the relationship between them might be completely different from what he imagined.
“I ask, you answer.”
A Fei and Jiang Ning looked at each other, then turned to look at Qin Min.
“Why do you big-name families suddenly deal with the Lin family?”
“Make it clear and don’t conceal it, otherwise I will close your factory immediately and send you to them.”
Qin Min’s Adam’s apple slipped.
“Because we dare not deal with the Long Family!”
A Fei was furious: “What the hell is this? I dare not deal with the Long Family and the Lin Family? Are you sick!”
He didn’t dare to deal with the Long Family, he could understand that, after all, it was the top wealthy family, and other families with large surnames, unless they were completely united, would only hit the rocks with pebbles.
But in the north where interests are paramount, who can believe that the one standing next to him will be a friend?
If you stabbed you back, you have no time to react.
“Because… because the Lin family was supported by the Long Family!”
Qin Min quickly explained that he glanced at Jiang Ning and saw that Jiang Ning did not refute, and then said, “At the Linglong Group’s shareholders meeting, Long Fei spoke in person, saying that Lin will be a partner of Linglong Group in the future, and also revealed… It was revealed that the forbidden land in the East China Sea was made by the Long Family!”
“He admitted?”
Jiang Ning spoke.
“No, the Long Family dare not admit that the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea has ruined how many families of the big surnames have long been a thorn in the eyes of the families of the big surnames. The thorns in the flesh are all trying to get rid of them. Once the Long Family admits it, it is tantamount to guilty of public anger. They will certainly not admit it.”
“However, Long Fei’s words are more obvious than anything else, and before…”
Qin Min’s voice trembled, “There are so many things that prove that behind Lin’s family is the Long Family!”
They dare not deal with the Long Family, so naturally they will destroy the Lin Family to force the Long Family to take action, so that the Long Family can stand on the opposite side of all the families of the big surname.
“Sure enough.”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, just as he guessed.
The Long Family is going to fight against him.
“Long Fei, a son of a bitch, has a quick response and is very useful.”
A Fei cursed, unceremoniously, and didn’t care at all that he might be the future Patriarch of the Long Family.
This bastard moved everyone’s grievances and anger towards the Long Family to Lin’s head, dare to let his sister-in-law be bullied?
If you don’t trouble him, I’m sorry for the name of the great devil!
“Mr. Jiang, everyone knows this matter. I didn’t talk nonsense about it. The Long Family is supporting you behind it. It’s no secret.”
Jiang Ning nodded, a meaningful smile flashed across his face.
He beckoned, and Brother Dog immediately took out a small notebook from his pocket, which was the one registered by the security guard at the gate of the factory.
Jiang Ning opened the book and looked at the lists above, suddenly murderous in his eyes!
“Yes, behind my Lin family is the Long Family!”
He picked up the pen and drew a huge cross on the name of the first Fang family, Sen said coldly.
“Tonight, we are all from the Long Family!”
With just a word, the temperature in the office dropped instantly and became suddenly cold!

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