Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 831

Fang family.
Fang Han was lying on the bed with his face as gray as death. He didn’t know when he would recover, but the Fang family couldn’t recover. He was sure.
The masters in the family and the underground circles that were kept secretly were all wiped out, and none of them were left!
This is tantamount to plucking out all the feathers on his Fang family.
The other family is no longer qualified to be called a second-rate family with a large surname.
“Patriarch, someone is coming!”
The housekeeper was leaning on crutches, his face was pale, and his forehead was covered with bandages. He almost came in crying, almost out of breath.
Fang Han turned his head and saw A Fei, with a smile on his face, and walked in.
“Patriarch Fang, what’s the matter? Who is so bold that even you dare to hurt?”
A Fei suddenly changed his expression, “Too arrogant! Too arrogant!”
Fang Han smiled bitterly, what he had been worried about, after all, came.
Seeing ALFY at this moment, he was not so scared.
“Mr. Afei came to Fang’s house, what is the matter, please tell me directly.”
Fang Han looked a little calm, with the kind of desperate calm on his face. Silence was greater than death. I’m afraid he was talking about it.
A Fei walked to Fang Han’s bed and took a look. Fang Han’s hands and feet were interrupted.
He knew at a glance that no one could connect this bone.
“Naturally, I came to visit Patriarch Fang,”
A Fei smiled, “Of course, there is some news, by the way, let me know the Patriarch.”
Fang Han opened his mouth, feeling weak in his heart.
It seems that he is going to die, but before he is dying, there are still people who want to make up for himself and send himself a ride.
“You…you said…”
Fang Han’s voice was very small.
A Fei approached and pressed her ears to her: “Patriarch Fang, what did you say? I didn’t hear it. Can you speak up a bit?
“You say, I let…you say it!”
“Then I said?”
A Fei nodded, showing a look of embarrassment, “Then I really said it?”
Fang Han stopped speaking, looking at A Fei, he was already prepared.
“I have checked some of the things the Fang family secretly did, and the relevant evidence is also under control, so the punishment for you has also come down.”
A Fei still had a smile on his face, reaching out his hand to cover his mouth, and said mysteriously, “I personally arranged it!”
Then, he coughed twice and announced loudly: “All the properties of the Fang family will be sealed up! The relevant guilty person will be transferred to the judicial authority for strict investigation!”
Even with psychological preparation, Fang Han trembled excitedly when he heard A Fei’s words, struggling to sit up, but couldn’t move his hands and feet at all.
He can only twist his body to vent his dissatisfaction and anger!
This is revenge!
This is definitely revenge!
“What’s wrong with Patriarch Fang?”
A Fei looked surprised, “Is it uncomfortable? Then I have to call a doctor!”
“Wait, it doesn’t seem to be possible,”
A Fei patted his head, “Yes, that’s right, I almost forgot.”
“Fang Han!”
His tone changed abruptly, “The Fang family headed by you secretly committed crimes, used power for personal gain, and embezzled many inherent assets. It has now been ascertained. From now on, you will be investigated. Before the results of the investigation are released, everyone will I can’t see you!”
“Including the doctor!”
A Fei yelled, beckoned, and immediately several of his men rushed in, directly carrying Fang Han and left.
Tugging Fang Han’s wound, the pain made him scream like a pig!
“Stop! Stop!”
The kind of pain made Fang Han almost fainted, but A Fei didn’t order, no one would stop, let Fang Han suffer from the pain.
“Did you stop when you hurt those innocent people?”
A Fei snorted, “If it wasn’t for Lao Tzu’s inconvenience, I will definitely kill you myself!”
“You…you! You bastard!”
Fang Han yelled, “Who is it that wants you to humiliate me and my Fang family like this!”
“Want to know?”
A Fei walked over, looked down at Fang Han, making no secret of it, “Who have you offended recently, don’t you have any points in your heart?”
“My Long Family, can ants like you provoke me! Hmph, take it away for me!”

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