Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 841

Lin Yu couldn’t help but laughed.
Even if you have a baby, does Jiang Ning have the heart to call him?
“When I go back, we will study it slowly.”
Jiang Ning carried the luggage in one hand, and Lin Yuzhen in the other, and sent her downstairs.
Watching the car leave, Jiang Ning’s eyes gradually became fierce, murderous ups and downs!
Behind him, Brother Gou and others are standing, they are all ready!
“It’s coming, are you afraid?”
“I’m afraid I won’t be born!”
“Finally I can let go of my hands and feet and do a big job!”

The night gradually fell.
Nowadays, in the north, people always feel a little flustered at night.
It seems that as long as it is night, many terrible things will happen, which makes people involuntarily fearful.
Time, every minute and a second, the Chang’s house in the middle of the night is still brightly lit!
Chang Zaiyuan stood there, below, standing there were dozens of masters, from various families of the surname, who sent all the most powerful masters in their own clan here.
They have only one goal tonight, Long Family!
“Patriarch Chang, we don’t want to defeat the Long Family at once, but we also want to let the Long Family see. We are not that easy to bully!”
“Yes, if it can defeat the Long Family, that’s the best thing. If it can’t, then it will also severely damage the Long Family and make him pay the price he deserves!”
“This north, it’s not his Long family that has the final say!”

There was a group of indignation, and the heads of the families of the various surnames knew that it would be difficult for everyone to unite in this way to defeat the Long Family, but it was not a difficult task for the Long Family to suffer heavy losses and retreat in the face of difficulties.
Not to mention, there is also the Chang family, this hidden family of first-class surnames!
The Long Family must pay a price this time!
Chang Zai Yuan stretched out his hand, and immediately calmed down below, “Since everyone has the same purpose, I won’t say much. I hope everyone will stop hiding, and unite, use the strongest strength to let the Long Family bow their heads!”
“As long as he bows his head, then everyone will have a way to survive.”
His eyes were cold, still cold and ruthless, without any emotion, just like a robot.
Everyone shouted in unison.
Chang Zaiyuan didn’t talk any more nonsense. Taking advantage of the darkness, a group of people sneaked into the darkness and headed towards the Long Family Courtyard.
There are more than fifty people, twenty-six masters at the master level, and the rest are all masters close to the master level, and they are not often masters in Yuan and Chang’s family.
With such a lineup, even if it is the Long Family, if you want to resist it, you have to pay a great price!
Long’s house, the door was closed tightly, Chang Zai Yuan kicked the door open, and the people behind him immediately rushed in, with amazing aura!
They rushed into the Long Family, only to find that the Long Family Compound was also brightly lit.
It is already late at night, is the Long Family waiting for someone?
Many Patriarchs changed their complexion slightly and felt something was wrong.
They hurriedly turned their heads, but seeing Chang Jae Yuan’s hand waved, his men immediately closed the door of the Long Family Courtyard.
A majestic voice sounded.
In the Long Family Hall, Long Xiang stepped out, and behind him was Long Fei. At this moment, he was holding a knife in his hand. The sharp blade was illuminated by the light, giving off a burst of cold light!
Around, people kept appearing, one by one, murderous!
“How is this going?”
Someone exclaimed, staring at Chang Zaiyuan, and shouted angrily.
The Long Family had already known that they would come, and were they ready here?

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