Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 843

Chang Zai Yuan’s eyes slightly shrink.
He stared at Long Xiang: “If you say something false, I will kill your whole family!”
Long Xiang didn’t change his expression. Hearing this, Long Fei felt a little dissatisfied, and felt that Chang Zai Yuan was too crazy.
A first-class family with a big surname dared to speak to the Long Family in this tone.
“The aura of the Patriarch Chang is a top wealthy Patriarch. The aura he should have is unlike some people.”
Long Xiang said, “If it weren’t for marriage, you wouldn’t be able to qualify for the last top wealthy family.”
“And this position should belong to your Changjia!”
A group of people suddenly realized that Chang Zai Yuan made a deal with the Long Family. They were all kept in the dark and knew nothing. At this moment, the Long Family was a trap!
The Long Family and Chang Zaiyuan want to kill them all!
“Kill them!”
“Kill out!”
“Long Family and Chang Family, you will get retribution!”
The battle is on the verge!
Long Xiang waved his hand, and Long Fei and the others rushed out directly.
And Chang Zaiyuan was still standing there, closing his eyes slowly, and Sen coldly said, “They are all killed!”
With an order, the three people standing beside him, like three sharp arrows, shot out in an instant!
Just one face, someone was slapped to death with a palm, the brain cracked, and the red and white things splashed!

Shot is a killer move, kill one person with one move!
There is no trace of muddle, no time wasting, wherever the three figures go, reap their lives as much as they can!
too strong!
Long Fei couldn’t help but stop.
With these three people taking action, their Long Family didn’t need to take action at all.
When did the Chang family have such a master?
And there are three at once!
Long Fei waved his hand to stop the people of Long Family, they didn’t need to do it anymore.
There are three masters at the Great Master level, and they simply don’t have a turn to take action.
Screams, piercing!
But for a moment, blood flowed into the river, and more than a dozen members of the big family were killed!
The strong smell of blood made Long Fei feel qi and blood rolling, and an urge to vomit.
Too ruthless!
Not only ruthless, but terribly powerful!
He felt that he had underestimated the strength of the Chang family. If the Chang family hadn’t really joined forces with these people from the big family today, then the Long family would indeed lose a lot.
The last person was pinched by Chang Zaiyuan’s neck and twisted it lightly. He didn’t even have a chance to make a scream. When his neck was crooked, blood spurted from the corner of his mouth, and his life was gone.
Chang Zaiyuan threw the body aside like a dead dog.
He stared at Long Xiang and said lightly: “What you said, it is best not to have a lie, otherwise, this will be the fate of everyone in your Long Family!”
Long Xiang’s face didn’t change its color.
“It is indeed Jiang Ning who killed your third brother who is always in the mountains. The evidence has been given to you,”
He said lightly, “This Jiangning is indeed the top wealthy family, the eldest son of the Jiang family!”
“He has hidden away for many years, hiding his identity, creating the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea, and destroying the influence of how many large families. Do you think he is really the so-called rich and abandoned son?”
“The Jiang family played this game of chess for fifteen years, just to cut the grass and eliminate the roots!”
The implication is that it is aimed at his Changjia!
Long Xiang sneered, “Patriarch Chang, back then, you competed for the place of the last top wealthy family. Your Chang’s family was originally in front of the Jiang’s family. But why, nowadays, the Chang’s family is still a first-class family of big names, but the Jiang’s family is superior. Above your regular home?”
Chang Zai Yuan’s eyes shrank suddenly, and his murderous aura rose to the sky in an instant!

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