Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 847

“Brother can help you and persuade Dad not to attack him temporarily, but others will attack him.”
Long Fei said, “You don’t know, he has offended too many people.”
Long Linger shook his head desperately.
“What’s wrong with him? He’s not wrong at all!”
“The greedy people are wrong, do you really think I don’t know?”
Long Linger said loudly, “Who wants to kill him, tell me, who wants to kill him? Brother, tell me!”
Long Fei said directly, “Jiang Ning killed the Chang family’s Chang Zai Shan. Now Chang’s family has to use all their power to kill Jiang Ning. I have already told my dad. Dad has also persuaded Chang’s owner, but it’s useless at all. ”
“I am afraid you don’t know how deep the feelings of the Chang family’s three brothers are. Jiang Ning killed Chang Zai Shan, and Chang’s family would never die with him.”
Long Ling’er’s face suddenly became extremely pale.
After so many years in the north, where does she not know Chang’s family?
Even if it is only a first-class family, the Chang family’s strength is not weak, and the gap with the top family is not too big.
After so many years, who would dare to provoke the Chang family?
Even their Long Family has always been extremely cautious in their attitude towards Chang Family!
The assassination of myself this time was done by the people of the Chang family. They dared to kill even members of the top wealthy family. Why would it be strange to kill Jiangning?
Long Linger panicked.
“The Chang family… how could it be the Chang family?”
“It is impossible for my Long family to fight against Chang’s family for the sake of a Jiangning. What can be done, brother has already done, and the rest can only be resigned to fate.”
Long Fei sighed deliberately, “I hope someone can take action and save Jiang Ning’s life, otherwise he will definitely die!”
Long Ling’er trembled, suddenly raised her head and looked at Long Fei.
“Jiang Family! Jiang Family!”
She yelled, “The Jiang family will not let Jiang Ning die, they will definitely save Jiang Ning! That is the only child of the Jiang family!”
Long Fei’s eyes shrank, and Long Ling’er finally said it himself.
His expression did not change, and he shook his head and said, “Jiang Ning is just an abandoned son of a wealthy family. He was kicked out by the Jiang family a long time ago, and the relationship has been severed. The Jiang family will not care about him.”
“I’m going to find Uncle Jiang!”
Long Ling’er was crazy, and hurriedly ran out despite Long Fei’s dissuasion. Seeing this, several guards behind him wanted to catch him immediately. Long Fei’s eyes made them understand at once.
Just doing something, watched Long Linger run out.
Long Fei squinted his eyes, revealing a touch of tranquility.
“Jiang Family, Jiang Ning, it really makes people a little uneasy,”
He really didn’t expect the Jiang family to be so terrible. Under the hidden strength, there is another Jiang Ning who is so tough. Jiang Ning really wants to have no relationship with the Jiang family. How terrible is the Jiang family’s strength?
The other three top wealthy families can’t be stepped on by the Jiang family?
“It’s a pity that superpowers are not allowed in the north, not just us, but that person is also not allowed.”
Long Fei sneered. Now, this step is completely completed.
If the Jiang Family refuses to make a move, it will only be Jiang Ning who will die, and if the Jiang Family makes a move, even the Jiang Family will never have a chance to stand up again!
At that time.
Mingjun Tea House.
Jiang Ning has bought this teahouse for a long time.
He likes it very much, the environment is quiet.
Well, suitable for killing.
At this moment, there is no one near the tea house, and I don’t know if I can feel it, the wind here has become a bit cold.
In the middle of the night, it feels even more depressing.
Jiang Ning was sitting in the lobby, sitting cross-legged, the fragrance of tea on the coffee table in front of him.
He was making tea leisurely, not paying attention. In the darkness, a group of people had already surrounded the whole teahouse.
Even, by his side, Brother Dog is not there, no one is there, he is the only one in the whole teahouse.

A group of figures surrounded Jiang Ning, not giving him the slightest chance to escape!
There is not even a gap around the teahouse!

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