Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 85

Jiang Ning clasped Lin Wu’s hand, his fist, and he couldn’t move forward any more.
Lin Wu’s face changed drastically!
Jiang Ning didn’t hesitate at all, but slammed hard, and only heard a click, Lin Wu’s wrist was abruptly broken by him!
Sweat suddenly appeared on Lin Wu’s forehead.
He screamed, making Su Mei abruptly stop, and he was also startled.
I didn’t expect Jiang Ning to be so powerful.
Lin Wu didn’t have the slightest resistance in front of him?
“Lao Tzu’s parents, you dare to fight too!”
Jiang Ning did not stop, grabbed Lin Wu’s other arm, and clicked—
There was another sound, the sound of bone cracking!
Su Mei felt that her heart was about to jump out.
Lin Wu screamed, his hands were aching, and he was numb.
He suddenly lifted his foot and kicked it, but Jiang Ning was faster than him, kicking him on his knee with another click, Lin Wu could not stand steady, and immediately fell down.
This is just a face-to-face, his hands and one leg are gone!
He fell to the ground, Jiang Ning stepped on his last leg, the cold eyes made Lin Wu frightened.
He had never been so scared before, and he had never been beaten by a single person like he is today.
Jiang Ning was condescending, looking down at Lin Wu: “I don’t care who you are, if you dare to hurt my parents, I will kill you!”
The whole room was silent, and even Lin Wu dared not make a sound.
He is a ruthless person, but it is obvious that Jiang Ning in front of him is more ruthless and ruthless than him!
He is domineering, Jiang Ning is more domineering than him!
He knew better that the dozen or so people he had brought outside must have fallen, otherwise Jiang Ning would not have been able to walk in.
Lin Wen said, “Don’t… don’t kill him!”
At this moment, Jiang Ning is absolutely in a state of furious rage. He wants to kill someone, and no one can hold him accountable.
Hearing Lin Wen’s opening, Jiang Ning loosened his fist a little, otherwise, Lin Wu would definitely die if the punch went down!
“He is my brother after all.”
Lin Wen took a deep breath, “Don’t kill him.”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes. Lin Yuzhen’s family was too kind to be bullied by these people.
“Dad, you treat him as your brother, but he may not treat you as your brother.”
Jiang Ning said politely, “If I didn’t rush back today, he would beat you to death.”
Lin Wu was panting, the severe pain made his nerves a bit paralyzed.
At this moment, he realized that Jiang Ning was Lin Yu’s real husband.
Lin Qiang said that he had found the best man for Lin Yu. He didn’t believe him, who was Lin Qiang and his attitude towards Lin Wen’s family? How could he not know?
But now… he didn’t even know where Lin Qiang came from. He found someone as terrifying as Jiang Ning to be Lin Yu’s husband.
“I know.”
Lin Wen gave a wry smile.
He turned his head and looked at Lin Wu: “Second brother, starting from today, you and I will be cleaned up. Everyone will go their own way. I want to tell you that Dad has become like this, and I didn’t hurt him.”
After speaking, he looked up at Jiang Ning: “Let him go.”
Jiang Ning snorted.
“Your life was given to you by my dad, so I remember it clearly.”
He let go of his leg, and Lin Wu immediately struggled to stand up on one leg, shaking all over.
His face was savage, and he had two arms and one leg abolished, so he still wanted him to be grateful to Lin Wen?
His face was trembling, and he seemed to be smiling, but he looked more and more ferocious!

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