Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 850

Chang Zaiyuan roared and rushed towards Jiangning again.
A few people in black beside him also burst out with terrifying strength!
Jiang Ning’s eyes became more and more indifferent.
At the same time!
Jiang family.
Long Ling’er arrived late at night and galloped all the way, almost overturning the car several times.
She didn’t care so much, and rushed into Jiang’s house to see Jiang Daoran.
“Hurry up! Let your Patriarch come out! Hurry up!”
Long Ling’er was anxious, “It’s too late, it’s too late!”
Her tears kept streaming, as if Jiang Ning was about to die.
One step slower, no one can save Jiang Ning.
How terrible the Chang family is!
It’s not just that the three brothers of the Chang Family Patriarch often cultivated in the Yuan Dynasty, and countless masters. If they want to kill Jiang Ning, who can stop them?
Jiang Ning… after all, he is weak!
Jiang Daoran walked out wearing a windbreaker. He didn’t expect Long Ling’er to come to Jiang’s house late at night to find him. Something must have happened.
Jiang Daoran said, “Why are you here?”
“Uncle Jiang!”
Seeing Jiang Daoran, Long Linger rushed over, “Help Jiang Ning quickly! Help him!”
“Someone wants to kill Jiang Ning, they want to kill Jiang Ning!”
Jiang Daoran frowned.
“What are you talking about? Who is going to kill Jiang Ning?”
Long Linger was anxious, “Chang Zaiyuan wants to kill Jiangning. He has led a large number of masters to besiege Jiangning. Uncle Jiang, save Jiangning!”
Jiang Daoran’s face changed slightly.
The Chang family did it?
He knew that Chang Zai Shan was killed by Jiang Ning, but Chang Zai Yuan didn’t know that he would only count things on the head of Long’s family. How could he go so far as to besiege Jiang Ning?
It’s the one who often kills Jiangning in the mountains!
He looked at Long Ling’er, and immediately reacted.
“Why does Chang Zaiyuan suddenly want to kill Jiang Ning?”
Jiang Daoran said solemnly, “Did your father tell you!”
“Yes… it’s my brother!”
Long Ling’er was startled, but Jiang Daoran didn’t expect Jiang Daoran to ask, and replied subconsciously.
Sure enough!
These despicable dog things from the Long family!
Even my own daughter used it.
Jiang Daoran yelled, and a figure immediately appeared beside him.
Jiang Hai respectfully said.
Seeing Jiang Hai appeared, Long Linger hurriedly said, “Uncle Jiang, send someone to rescue Jiangning!”
“He is dangerous, he is really dangerous now! The Chang family will not let him go.”
She was really crying in a hurry.
If Jiang Daoran didn’t make a move, he would rely on Jiang Ning alone, how could he fight against the entire Chang family?
“Ling’er, I have told you many times,”
Jiang Daoran said indifferently, “That Jiang Ning has nothing to do with my Jiang family. You came to me and the wrong person.”
“Uncle Jiang…”
“Jiang Hai, send Ling’er home.”
Jiang Daoran said directly. After speaking, he waved his hand and turned to leave without looking back.
“Uncle Jiang! Uncle Jiang!”
Long Linger was anxious, his face was full of consternation, Jiang Daoran refused to save Jiang Ning?
That is his biological son!
How could he be so cruel!
“Miss Linger, please.”
Jiang Hai stretched out his hand, “It’s late at night, Master wants to rest, it’s inconvenient to interrupt.”
“Don’t stop me! Get out!”
Long Ling’er shouted angrily, looked up at Jiang Daoran’s back, and said loudly, “That’s your biological son, are you going to watch him die!”
“That’s Aunt Zhao’s son!”
Jiang Daoran still didn’t look back, without any response, his back disappeared at the end.
“Miss Linger,”
Jiang Hai frowned slightly, “Please don’t affect Master’s rest anymore.”
“The Jiang Ning in your mouth is not the master’s child, you have admitted the wrong person.”

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