Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 86

“Lin Wen, you are fine! No wonder the courage is getting bigger and bigger with such a powerful son-in-law!”
Lin Wu sneered, “You didn’t kill your dad, and you didn’t destroy the Lin family, I believe it! I believe it!”
After he finished speaking, he stared at Jiang Ning fiercely, his murderous aura in his eyes, still not weakened by half, on the contrary, he became stronger and stronger.
After staring at Jiang Ning for a few seconds, Lin Wu gritted his teeth and jumped away with one foot.
Jiang Ning went over and helped Lin Wen into the wheelchair. Su Mei and Lin Yuzhen immediately entered the room, fetched the medicine kit, and treated Lin Wen’s wounds.
Su Mei was so distressed that tears came out.
“Why are you so stupid! If you let him go, will he let you go!”
“From childhood to adulthood, they were brothers. What are you? They bullied you, don’t you know?”
“He beat you so hard, you still…”
The more Su Mei said, the more sad and even a little angry.
Of course she didn’t want Jiang Ning to kill someone by mistake. She didn’t want to ruin Jiang Ning’s life for the sake of Lin Wu’s scum.
Lin Wen didn’t say anything, just shook his head.
Lin Yu’s eyes were really red, and he was also very distressed.
Seeing that Su Mei was still blaming Lin Wen, she stopped talking.
She got up and walked to Jiang Ning’s side, with an urge to cry.
“Why, they all bully my family?”
Lin Yu really looked at Jiang Ning.
“Because you are not strong enough.”
Jiang Ning whispered, “One day, if you are strong enough, no one will dare to bully you anymore.”
“Then when can I become strong?”
Lin Yu really asked seriously.
Jiang Ning stretched out her hand and lightly scratched her nose: “It’s coming soon.”
He knew that this family was too kind, whether it was Lin Wen, Lin Yuzhen, even Su Mei, who hated the Lin family, would not allow himself to really kill Lin Wu.
They are not thinking about Lin Wu, but for themselves.
But where do they know, they have the power to control the life and death of these scumbags in their own hands!
Today Lin Wen let himself let Lin Wu go, but Jiang Ning also knew that they had completely settled their grievances with the Lin family.
From then on, Lin Yu really their kindness, and will never be to the Lin family again.
At that time.
There was a person in the East Lake Tower, and Xu Rong and Wang Gao were all nervous in the underground circles of the East China Sea.
“We really don’t know about the black dragon.”
At the tea table, several people were calm, as if they had expected someone from the provincial capital to come.
“He came for the black tiger, and the black tiger was abandoned. He, who is an older brother, will certainly not sit idly by.”
The man sitting above was Lin Wu’s subordinate Gao Fei. At this moment, he squinted his eyes, and there was a fierce light in his narrow eyes.
“Then, who dismissed the black tiger?”
Xu Rong and Wang Gao looked at each other, and both saw a lot of things in each other’s eyes.
People from the provincial capital are here.
Like the Black Dragon, Lin Wu was well-known in the underground circles of the provincial capital.
Now Heilong returned to the East China Sea and planted, but it attracted the more ruthless Lin Wu.
Although Gao Fei wasn’t a big man, he was Lin Wu’s, and Xu Rong did not dare to offend him.
“Black Tiger, Huang Yuming is the one who offends.”
After a pause, Xu Rong still spoke.
There is no way to hide this kind of thing, as long as you want to check it, you will know it soon.
Especially Huang Yuming didn’t put the black dragon in his eyes at all, and even said that the black dragon was just a worm, too many people knew about it.
“Huang Yuming?”
“The black tiger took the money from the Lin family and went to trouble Huang Yuming, but he was abandoned, and the black dragon returned to the East China Sea because of this.”
Xu Rong explained, “By the way, the Lin family is the Lin Wu family.”
Hearing that, Gao Fei’s face was even more ugly.
This came and went, and it had something to do with Lin Wu.

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