Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 861

He… also has master-level strength!
But in front of Jiang Ning, he was like a child, without the ability to resist at all.
“Chang Jae-won… was killed by you?”
He gritted his teeth and asked in a trembling voice, “He is a great master!”
Jiang Ning shook his head, as if he didn’t care about the title of Grand Master or Grand Master at all. In his eyes, all enemies were the same, just one punch!
“What great master? It would be interesting to kill a dog.”
Long Fei’s brain was almost dizzy, and instantly went blank.
Does Jiang Ning know what he is talking about?
Is it better to kill a dog than to kill a master?
Did he mean that Grandmasters are not as good as dogs!
At least, at the moment, a master of his own master level is really inferior to a dog.
Long Fei panted, looking at his squeezed wrist, blood had accumulated and turned black, and his heart had been beating faster and was in pain.
“You have offended my Long Family so much, you will regret it!”
This Linglong Group, but the Long Family has been in business for many years, will be the Long Family’s greatest support in the future, but Jiang Ning had to take it away abruptly, and deliberately shut it down.
He simply wanted to destroy the foundation of the Long Family!
“Really, I’m looking forward to it, you can make me regret it.”
Jiang Ning let go of his hand, and Long Fei immediately drew back, stepped back, leaning against the wall in a panic.
Except for the pain, he could no longer feel his wrist.
“Prepare to clear the venue.”
Jiangning said, “Linglong Group, this is the last day to exist. Starting tomorrow, there will be no Linglong Group in this world.”
Long Fei gritted his teeth, but there was nothing to do.
He could only watch Jiang Ning and ruin the Linglong Group!
Long Fei roared in his heart, “I want you to die!”
He turned around and walked into the elevator and left in embarrassment.
Jiang Ning didn’t even look at him again. The staff in the office were already using the fastest time to deal with it, striving to use the shortest time to let the Linglong Group disappear from the world.
At the same time.
Long family.
When Long Xiang woke up, he was full of energy.
Last night, the Long Family solved a lot of troubles, so that he would have no worries in a short time.
The dissidents in the Linglong Group are completely eradicated. In the future, the Linglong Group will be returned to the Long Family. The strength of the Long Family can be improved, and it can even be in a leading position among the four pricing giant families. .
No, it’s three top wealthy families.
The Jiang family will soon cease to exist.
“With the temper of Chang Jae-yuan, he can’t bear it for three days, he will attack the Jiang family. When the time comes, the snipe and the clam will fight, and my Long family can wait for them to lose and eat them all!”
Long Xiang played this abacus very loudly, and he put a lot of effort into it.
In any case, Jiang Ning is dead, and the Jiang family is not afraid, at least his most direct feeling is that.
Long Xiang was eating breakfast, but the housekeeper suddenly ran in, “Patriarch Jiang, Jiang Daoran is here and he wants to see you.”
Long Xiang was startled, thinking he had heard it wrong, “Jiang Daoran?”
“Yes, Patriarch Jiang has already reached the door and entered.”
Who dares to stop Jiang Daoran, the patriarch of the top wealthy family?
Not to mention, on the bright side, the Long Family and the Jiang Family are still friends, and they have known each other for 30 years.
“Patriarch Jiang said, it’s here to comfort Patriarch.”

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