Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 865

Even seeing Jiang Hai, who was used to the big scene, couldn’t help but take a breath.
More than 300 billion?
Even the top wealthy family, this is a huge sum of money!
This Linglong Group is not just a super-large company led by the Long Family, but with the participation of many large families and exchanges of various resources.
Why… the Long Family has invested so much?
“This is only a visible investment.”
Jiang Daoran was a little gloating, “And those private resource exchanges that you can’t see, I’m afraid there are more.”
The Long Family has invested so much, and it collapsed so suddenly, even if it is the Long Family, I am afraid it can’t bear it.
It has been built in the name of Long Ling’er for more than five years. It seems to be her personal company, but in fact, there are too many stakeholders involved.
The larger the Linglong Group, the harder it is to control. The Long Family wanted to take this opportunity to take advantage of the chaos in the north to clear out the aliens in the Linglong Group and completely control this behemoth, but he did not expect that this would be a duck in the mouth. , Flew.
Jiang Daoran couldn’t help but laughed directly.
He is happy!
Deserve it!
“Master, is there anything special about this Linglong Group?”
“It must be special, but I don’t know what is special.”
Jiang Daoran said, “In short, the Long Family has suffered a huge loss, and they might just let it go.”
Jiang Ning did this, and the Long Family will definitely vent their anger on Jiang Ning’s head!
Why can’t the Chang family stop Jiangning, what about the Long family?
Jiang Daoran narrowed his eyes slightly.
“Move my son? Are you asking me as a father!”
He snorted and stopped talking. The cold murderous aura flashed past, and soon returned to that calm and gentle appearance, closed his eyes, and quietly thought about the problem.
When Jiang Hai saw this, he stopped talking, and turned the air conditioner in the car to a higher level to prevent Jiang Daoran from catching a cold.
Not long after their car left Long’s house, Long Fei hurriedly returned with a panic expression.
He didn’t even care to deal with his wounds. The almost murderous anger of Long Xiang on the phone made Long Fei understand that the impact of the closure of the Linglong Group was too great!
In the hall, there were shards of glass everywhere, and even the sandalwood tables and chairs were shattered by Long Xiang.
Long Fei’s Adam’s apple slid, and it was the first time to see Long Xiang making such a big fire. Even if the Long family was used as a chess piece, Long Xiang had never been so angry.
“Dad, I…”
Long Fei didn’t say anything, Long Xiang slapped him directly, and Long Fei’s mouth was full of blood.
But Long Fei didn’t even dare to say a word!
“Beast! What a good thing you did!”
Long Xiang was furious, his eyes widened, his face full of murderous expression, “Linglong Group, why is it gone? I let you integrate, not let you go bankrupt!”
“You know how much this company has to do with my Long Family!”
His voice was loud and deafening, and it made Long Fei’s eardrums hurt.
“I…I know.”
Long Fei gritted his teeth, his teeth were slightly loose, and there was blood in his mouth, “I did what Dad said, but… but Jiangning…”
Hearing this name, Long Xiang frowned.
This damn Jiang Ning is not dead, and he has been very annoyed. The closure of the Linglong Group has something to do with Jiang Ning?
“He’s not dead!”
Long Fei was also furious. “The trash Chang Zai Yuan didn’t kill Jiang Ning at all. Instead, Jiang Ning took the opportunity to take away the other 51% of the shares from the sixteen large families and suddenly became the Linglong Group. The largest shareholder…”
Jiang Ning also took away the control of Linglong Group!
“He expelled me directly, and even threatened with debt and declared bankruptcy. I… I can’t do anything!”

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