Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 868

As soon as his voice fell, a group of people’s eyes lighted up!
What kind of local tyrant company is this fucking?
Pay your salary first if you haven’t done anything?
It sounds like a liar, but this is the Lin family. It is the Lin family who has been in the north recently and has caused ups and downs. It is also the ruthless man who bought the Linglong Group and declared bankruptcy in a blink of an eye, and directly destroyed the Linglong Group. !
“I hope you fill in it truthfully. If we find that someone’s answers conflict, I’m sorry, both of you are out, and you won’t get anything.”
Li Dong knew that what Jiang Ning wanted was information, and he had to make sure that the information he got was as accurate as possible to facilitate Jiang Ning’s judgment.
Just like an exam for elementary school students, the test questionnaire was distributed, and everyone filled in it carefully.
Not for honesty and fairness.
Just for the money!
Money is better.
At that time.
Jiang family.
Naturally, the news couldn’t be kept from him, and even secretly he even made a move and secretly gave Li Dong some lists to help Li Dong find more people from the Linglong Group.
“Does the Long Family know it?”
“Got it,”
Jiang Haidao, “I heard that Long Xiang was vomiting blood with anger and passed out.”
Although I heard that, Jiang Hai didn’t believe it. It would be difficult for someone like Long Xiang to make him dizzy.
“I’m afraid he wants me to come back again to console him.”
Jiang Daoran squinted his eyes and laughed, his face full of triumph.
Jiang Ning was able to make this move, and even he did not react. It was a good move to draw a salary from the bottom of the pan!
I just don’t know what the situation in the north will become.
Jiang Ning, what extent does he want to achieve?
“Master has returned to the East China Sea, he is…”
“A dozen families with large surnames were destroyed overnight, and the extra industries, by all accounts, belong to the Linglong Group. Now that the Linglong Group has closed down, these industries seem to have suddenly become unowned.”
Jiang Daoran said, “You said, will anyone look at these things?”
These are all good things!
Jiang Hai’s eyes shrank: “Master means, other first-class families, or even several other top-notch families?”
“But these are now the young master’s things, if they want to grab…”
Suddenly, Jiang Hai seemed to have thought of something, his Adam’s apple slipped, and he looked at Jiang Daoran in disbelief: “Master, this is intentional? He has already found out these industries, and selected the dozens of families with large surnames to borrow from the Long Family In the name of ”he put pressure on them, forced them to resist the Long Family, designed to let the Long Family destroy them, and then…”
This step-by-step plan was unimaginable before it happened. Even if it had already happened, even a few days have passed. If you don’t listen to Jiang Daoran at this moment, Jiang Hai will not be able to react at all.
It seems that it was almost a month ago, but Jiang Ning has already considered it today?
He is perverted!
How could a normal person have such a long-term vision and be able to spend such a long time in such a complicated north?
Jiang Hai’s eyes trembled, and he couldn’t believe it.
Analyzing at this moment, he even has a creepy feeling!
too frightening!
“What do you think.”
Jiang Daoran snorted, there was no expression on his face, but there was a sense of pride and pride, “Even if I thought that Jiang Ning had a back player, but I didn’t expect that he could consider such a long-term, this kid… is much better than me. too much.”
For some reason, he suddenly felt sympathy for the Long Family.
They seem to have offended the wrong person.

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