Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 869

Jiang Hai was already speechless, and his whole person was almost numb.
There is always one question in his mind.
Jiang Ning, is he really a human?
Not only did his strength value explode, he was extremely tough. It seems that until now, no one can force him to use his full strength. No one knows where Jiang Ning’s limit is.
This is already very desperate!
But now, even the strategy and vision are far beyond ordinary people!
Those who still want trouble with Jiangning, trouble with Lin, and trouble with Lin Yu, are they mentally ill?
What kind of person is not good enough to provoke Jiang Ning?
Jiang Hai also began to sympathize with these people.
“Master, someone from the Xue family is here.”
The butler walked in and said respectfully.
Jiang Daoran seemed to have expected that someone from the Xue family would come. There was no surprise, even if the Xue family had not been to the Jiang family for at least ten years.
“Go and ask the madam, her parents are here, so naturally she will entertain her.”
The butler responded and went to tell Xue Ning.
After a while, the sound of footsteps came, and he seemed a little anxious.
From a distance, before entering the hall, Xue Kai shouted loudly. Hearing it, it was too long for Jiang Daoran to see him, and it was hard to hide the excitement in his heart.
Jiang Daoran was still sitting there, drank tea calmly and glanced at Xue Kai who was walking quickly, and nodded.
“I have seen my uncle!”
Xue Kai walked up to Jiang Daoran and yelled respectfully, “I haven’t seen my uncle and aunt for a long time. I really miss it. I happened to be nearby today, so I came to have a look. I hope my uncle doesn’t mind.”
“How can you mind?”
Jiang Daoran smiled, “You have the intention to come to see us, we are too happy to have time.”
“Your aunt, but I often talk about you, now that you are the future head of the Xue family, the future can be expected.”
A trace of complacency flashed across Xue Kai’s face, but he hid it in a blink of an eye, and said modestly: “My uncle is joking, I’m still young, and there are many places to learn from the elders.”
Jiang Daoran nodded.
“sit down.”
Xue Kai sat down, Jiang Hai poured tea for him, and stood beside Jiang Daoran. From beginning to end, Xue Kai didn’t even look at Jiang Hai, as if it was just a dog raised by Jiang Daoran.
He did not drink tea and looked at Jiang Daoran with a smile on his face.
“Uncle, how is my aunt’s health recently?”
Xue Kai said, “I thought about it several times, but I was delayed again. I don’t know if my aunt will be angry with me.”
“Where would she be angry with you.”
Jiang Daoran shook his head, “Having a good nephew like you is happier than anyone else. She knows that you are busy, so she misses you and dare not disturb you.”
“Then I have to accompany my aunt today. I can put aside other things.”
Xue Kai smiled.
He was chatting with Jiang Daoran about the daily routine, but in his heart he was thinking about how to get into the subject. He came to Jiang’s house today, not for reminiscence. He didn’t have that mood, let alone this idea.
If he were to take what he wanted from the Jiang family, or if he invited him to come, he would not come.
“Recently, there have been turmoil in this north. I just came back from abroad and heard my dad say it.”
Xue Kai said, “Uncle, what do you think of this situation now?”
“What do you think?”
Jiang Daoran squinted his eyes, “Look what you should look at. I don’t care about the world. The ups and downs outside have nothing to do with me.”
A trace of contempt flashed in Xue Kai’s heart.
Sure enough, he was still as incompetent as he was when he was young.
If it hadn’t been for the Xue family, the Jiang family would have disappeared, let alone become a top wealthy family!
In his eyes, the Jiang family, but also drenched in the Xue family’s light, can only be what it is today by taking advantage of the Xue family’s power!

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