Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 871

Especially, Xue Ning has no children until now. Every time he sees their nephews, he talks for a whole day, and he refuses to let them leave.
If he wasted time in Xue Ning, he might as well do something else.
But now, how can he refuse?
“Your aunt misses you very much, so let’s talk more with her.”
Jiang Daoran smiled and said.
Xue Kai had no choice but to leave with Xue Ning, but he was thinking that he had to find a way to get some things from Jiang Daoran’s hands as soon as possible.
Looking at Xue Kai, reluctant to be taken away by Xue Ning, Jiang Daoran narrowed his eyes.
“bother you for something.”
He snorted.
Xue Kai has been abroad for so many years, but recently he has come back suddenly, and as soon as he came back, he came to his Jiang family. If there is nothing to plan, Jiang Daoran would definitely not believe it.
“I’m afraid, it’s for the young master.”
He thought to himself, this Xue family, don’t know how to live or die.
“Follow them, this Xue family, Xiang Ziao, didn’t put my Jiang family in his eyes. I always feel that my Jiang family can have today, and all of them are given by their Xue family, huh.”
How do they know that the Patriarch of the Xue family of the previous generation owed them the Jiang family, what kind of favor!
“Jiang Hai, people have been staring at them recently, I guess, both the Pang family and the Xue family are already a little uncontrollable.”
I just don’t know whether they want to steal it out or fight it secretly. Jiangning is not so easy to hold over the dozen or so industries all over the world, and they are also not so easy to steal.
“I see, don’t worry, sir.”
Jiang Hai nodded.
Jiang Daoran got up and turned back to the study. He didn’t want to see Xue Kai. It was most useful to hide in his study.
As for Jiangning’s side, he doesn’t care.

East China Sea.
Jiang Ning has been away for a month, but Lin Wen and Su Mei are worried about it.
They even thought, what does Lin want to do so much development, must his son-in-law, work hard outside to do this?
When Jiang Ning got off the plane, he called home, and Su Mei had already started preparations.
“Get more of Jiangning’s favorite food, this kid, after working hard for a month outside, still doesn’t know how thin he has become!”
Lin Wen felt distressed.
He turned his head, saw Lin Yu really come downstairs, and said hurriedly, “Jiang Ning is coming home soon. Are you not ready to pick him up at the door?”
Lin Yu was really in a trance.
She has just received certain news.
The Linglong Group collapsed and has declared bankruptcy.
Jiang Ning said that the Linglong Group itself would collapse, and it would collapse in a short time. She still didn’t believe it, and made a bet with Jiang Ning, saying that if she lost, she would…
Now, she really lost!
How is this possible?
It is impossible for a behemoth like the Linglong Group to go further, but it is also extremely difficult to want to be destroyed!
But how did Jiang Ning do it?
Lin Yu really knew that if it hadn’t been made by Jiang Ning, it would be absolutely impossible!
Hearing Lin Wen calling himself a second time, Lin Yuzhen raised his head and glanced at him, “Oh, pick him up at the door, I know.”
She pursed her lips and met Jiang Ning at the door?
More than just pick him up!
This is not the only bet that I lose.
Outside the yard, there was the familiar sound of car horns, and Jiang Ning arrived.
Su Mei hurried out of the kitchen, wiped her hands with a scarf, and ran to the door with Lin Wen quickly.
At the door, Lin Yuzhen stood there, folded his hands in front of him, and watched Jiang Ning get off the car, his face flushed suddenly, as if there was a cloud floating on her face.
“Huan, welcome my husband home…”
Lin Yu really felt that with every word she said, her face became hotter and redder, “The rain misses you so much.”

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