Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 874

“Take a good rest, I’ll go busy first.”
Jiang Ning washed up, and Su Mei had already warmed up the breakfast again and served him to eat.
“Thank you mom.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “Don’t be so troublesome, I can eat everything with iron in my stomach.”
“That’s not feasible, where’s mom, can you eat cold?”
Jiang Ning’s heart felt warm.
On the edge of the sofa, Lin Wen and Ye Shan were making morning tea.
Seeing Su Mei being so used to Jiangning, Ye Shan couldn’t help but shook his head: “This is not your son. Even if you are son, there is no need to spoil him like this. I’m worried about being spoiled.
He raised his head and glanced at Jiang Ning, unceremoniously: “This kid is not like an honest man.”
“Hahaha, don’t tell me, we still like someone like Jiang Ning who is dishonest, but it’s a pity that he is not our own son.”
Lin Wen is even more polite, “We can’t give birth to such a good son.”
Jiang Ning raised his eyebrows, unwilling to be outdone, and replied with a triumphant look in Ye Shan.
Ye Shan glared at him. Anyway, he felt that Jiang Ning was unreliable. He told Ye Qingwu every day to keep a distance from Jiang Ning for fear that Ye Qingwu would be deceived by this kid.
After eating breakfast, Jiang Ning got up.
“Uncle Ye, come with me?”
Ye Shan raised his head, his eyes flashed, he knew it was okay, Jiang Ning would not call himself.
After drinking the tea in front of him, Ye Shan said, “Old Lin, let’s talk later.”
“You are busy, I am also going to the company.”
Jiang Ning drove, Ye Shan sat in the back, staring at the rearview mirror, looking at Jiang Ning from the rearview mirror, without saying a word.
“Uncle Ye, don’t stare at me like that. I have a family. No matter how you like me, I can’t be your son-in-law.”
“What dream do you kid do.”
Ye Shan showed no mercy, “How could I let Qing Wu follow you?”
Such a troublesome kid, let alone Jiang Ning is already married, even if he is not married, Ye Shan cannot agree to Ye Qingwu with him.
In a short period of time, how many things Jiang Ning caused, and some of the things he heard from Lin Wen, had already shocked his heart.
Not to mention, this time the Lin Group went northward, and it even caused a storm in the north.
I don’t know how many families with a large surname were destroyed. In the past, they were all high-ranking, rich and powerful families!
But as soon as Jiang Ning left, what family of the big surname, what was high above, was stepped on the ground by Jiang Ning, and he didn’t even have the power to resist.
“Then what do you watch me do.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “I am even less interested in men.”
“Huh, don’t be glib with me,”
Ye Shan said, “I ask you, when can I return to Shenghai?”
He was called by Jiang Ning to come to the East China Sea to protect the Lin family. During this time, he didn’t know how many people had been driven away to assassinate Lin Wen and Su Mei. There were three or four masters at the single master level.
The defense of the forbidden area in the East China Sea also shocked Ye Shan, even if he was not there, those people would not be able to succeed.
It’s just that this kid Jiang Ning is careful and can’t tolerate the slightest mistake, so he has to press himself here.
At this point, Ye Shan admired Jiang Ning quite a bit, and he really took care of Lin Wen’s family.
“You can go anytime,”
Jiang Ning said with a smile, “I invited you to come to the East China Sea for a few days last time. Where did you think that you stayed with Uncle Ye for a month, so I can’t drive you away?”
Hearing this, Ye Shan was startled, his face flushed immediately, pointing at Jiang Ning, and couldn’t help cursing.
“Asshole, I’m the one who dares to be passionate?”

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