Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 877

Since it is his own thing now, and it has such a great effect on tracing hidden doors, let alone the integration of these industries, it can be used for Lin Yuzhen to practice.
The Lin Group can only be regarded as a child now, and the future development prospects are not only in China.
As far as the current single industry is concerned, it is simply not enough to train Lin Yu. Jiang Ning’s plan for the development of a perfect wife is very in-depth.
“It’s a little complicated…”
“Nothing complicated,”
Jiang Ning waved his hand, “I’ll take everything back. How about the other operations, Zhao, you come.”
Jiang Ning was not interested in knowing about those troublesome things, let alone wasting effort.
There are professional talents in front of him. What is he wasting his energy for? Isn’t it good to spend this time with his wife?
Hearing this, Manager Zhao was a little excited.
Even his breathing became hurried, and he continued to say: “Thank you, Mr. Jiang for your trust!”
“This is what I have wanted to do for many years. I really didn’t expect that now I have the opportunity to do it!”
Where he is not excited, if he is allowed to do it himself, such a large investment of resources is simply not what he can do, but now, everything is ready-made, as long as Jiangning takes back all these industries, he can do it. Hands and feet!
Such a large handwriting is worth more than hundreds of billions, so Jiang Ning left it to himself?
This trust alone is worthy of the gratitude of Manager Zhao!
Ye Shan, who was on the side, looked dumbfounded. If he heard him correctly, it was clearly that Manager Zhao was going to work for Jiangning. It seemed that he had no wages yet. Not only did he have no opinions, but he was so excited?
This is to help others work, and you have to be grateful to them. Jiang Ning is really amazing. What kind of confused soup is poured into it.
He became more and more worried. Ye Qingwu was also like this. He was deceived by Jiang Ning, a bastard, and worked for him in vain, yet willingly.
“Old Zhao, I knew it was the right choice to keep you.”
Jiang Ning got up and didn’t waste time, “Since you can do it, then leave it to you. I just ask, the 51% of Linglong Group’s shares are probably not enough. I will also bring the 49% of the Long Family. Right.”
Manager Zhao was even more excited, and his body trembled with excitement.
“Good! Good! Good!”
As long as Jiang Ning said, he believed it, and believed it 100%!
Leaving from Steward Zhao, Ye Shan didn’t say a word along the way.
He didn’t know what Jiang Ning was doing with him. He didn’t even have any interest in what they did. Not only that, he didn’t understand.
Anyway, he only knew that Jiang Ning was looking for the hidden door, and the hidden door seemed to be looking for something.
“Uncle Ye, if Donghai is uncomfortable and wants to return to Shenghai, he can go back anytime.”
As the car drove to Lin’s house, Jiang Ning said with a smile.
Ye Shan just snorted, but still didn’t speak.
He really wanted to leave. He stayed at Lin’s house and was a little embarrassed. He was not as thick as Jiang Ning because he ate others and drank others.
But now, Ye Shan didn’t want to leave.
He was a little curious, wondering if these people in Donghai are all sick, so why are they willing to work for Jiangning?
Where is this kid?
I’m afraid that except for the Lin family and his wife, Lin Yu really loves him to the death. No one else would like him.
I don’t like it anyway.
Ye Shan didn’t say a word, entered the door and went directly to Ye Qingwu.
In the room, Ye Qingwu was already packing her luggage.
Jiang Ning is back, so there is no need for her and Ye Shan here, and there is something on the company’s side. Her record is being produced, and many promotional activities require her to come forward.
“Qing Wu.”
Seeing that she had packed all her luggage, Ye Shan coughed twice, “Are you going to leave?”
Ye Qingwu turned his head, “Dad, are your luggage packed? Someone will take us to the airport later.”
“I will stay in the East China Sea.”

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