Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 884

This man warned himself before that if he dared to hurt his woman, even he would not let it go.
But now, he is helping himself again.
“You are the Patriarch of the Long Family?”
Jiang Ning said calmly.
Long Ling’er nodded and said loudly, “My Long Family is the current Patriarch of the Long Family. Whoever disagrees, stand up!”
Who dares to stand up?
Long Qiang didn’t even dare to put a fart!
He still dares to fight for the position of Patriarch, Jiang Ning will slap him, teach him how to behave, and beat his face all the time!
“Very well, there is still a little debt, then I will settle with you.”
Jiang Ning walked over and walked to Long Ling’er. He saw Long Ling’er’s shoulders, shaking more severely.
The two people faced each other, and Long Linger had an urge to get into Jiang Ning’s embrace, but she knew that this embrace did not belong to her.
“what do you want?”
She asked.
“Linglong Group’s shares, including your liabilities, are more than 80 billion.”
The Linglong Group announced bankruptcy. The 49% of the shares controlled by the Long Family also included more than 80 billion debts. Jiangning could use means to only take away the shares and continue to leave the debt to the Long Family, but he did not. do.
Because, the current head of the Long Family is Long Ling’er.
“I give you.”
Long Ling’er barely thought, and agreed directly.
She knew that the Linglong Group was gone, and the Long Family could no longer control it. Even, it must be because of the Linglong Group that Long Xiang would die and Long Fei would become crazy.
This Linglong Group is basically a time bomb, and the current Long Family has no control at all. Putting it in your hands will only attract more people to covet it and make the Long Family fall faster!
Not to mention, she wanted to start the Linglong Group in order to save herself a dowry and marry Jiangning.
Now, they are all given to Jiang Ning. Although the methods are different, the result is the same.
Jiang Ning nodded and didn’t say more.
He walked to the mourning hall of Long Xiang, took three incense sticks to light them, put them in the incense burner, and said seriously, “Patriarch Long, do you regret it now?”
If Long Xiang is still alive, I am afraid he will tell Jiang Ning the answer.
Jiang Ning didn’t stay long and turned and left.
Looking at Jiang Ning’s back, Long Ling’er disappeared from the gate, taking a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.
If the Long Family wants to survive, she must be strong!
“call out!”
Just as Jiang Ning walked out of the door, a cold light flashed, and the sharp dagger pierced out directly from the side and slammed into Jiang Ning’s heart!
Jiang Ning didn’t turn his head back, slammed his fist, slapped him, and slammed on Long Fei who was sneaking on him. He spied his hand and directly clasped Long Fei’s neck and pressed him against the wall with his feet hanging in the air!
Long Fei struggled, but couldn’t get rid of it. His eyes were full of hatred and anger.
“I killed you! I killed… ahem!”
“Pretending to be crazy and stupid, are you afraid of death?”
Jiang Ning’s eyes were calm, his fingers were slightly harder, and Long Fei’s complexion became more and more red, gradually turning blue and purple, “If you are afraid of death, you can let Ling’er face those wolves, tigers and leopards alone?”
“Are you such a brother!”
“You… you want to take care of it! Ah——!
Jiang Ning’s knees slammed up, and Long Fei suddenly screamed, but for an instant he couldn’t breathe, and his ears started to ring in his ears.
“You…you destroyed the Linglong Group…the Lord will kill you! He will definitely kill you!”
“Who is the Lord! What is he looking for!”
Jiang Ning shouted.
“No… I don’t know!”
Long Fei struggled hard, the whites of his eyes were already rolled out, Jiang Ning did not show any mercy, his fingers gradually hardened, Long Fei only felt that the next moment he would suffocate and die.

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