Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 894

This news spread among the upper classes of the big family in the north, but ordinary people have no right to know.
And Xue Kaiyuan was abroad, but no one would take the initiative to tell him such things.
“Inadvertently learned,”
Xue Kai said vaguely, “It doesn’t matter anymore, Dad, you must know how powerful this Linglong Group is. It will be knocked down by someone, and the fruit will be robbed by the person named Jiang Ning.”
“If my Xue family can snatch it, it will definitely be a great supplement to our strength. It will be even more powerful!”
Xue Fangyang sneered.
He looked at Xue Kai and suddenly understood why this kid suddenly came back from abroad. He turned out to be focusing on the collapsed Linglong Group.
In fact, he stared at it earlier than Xue Kai!
It’s not just him, I’m afraid the Pang family is also eyeing it?
“Things are not as simple as you think.”
Xue Fangyang said, “This Linglong Group is not what you think, so don’t do it lightly, because…”
Before he finished speaking, his face suddenly sank, staring at Xue Kai.
Xue Kai’s eyes were nervous.
“Dad, what are you doing looking at me like this?”
“When you go to the Jiang family, do you think that Jiang Ning is from the Jiang family?”
“Dad, you know?”
Xue Kai was stunned, “I went to the Jiang family to prove this. If Jiang Ning is a member of the Jiang family, we can go directly to Jiang Daoran!”
Even the Jiang family was given by the Xue family. What they want now, Jiang Daoran has to give it too!
“The results of it?”
Xue Fangyang sneered.
“Aunt said, no.”
Xue Kai hummed, “Since he is not, then we can just grab it.”
“You got it?”
Xue Fangyang’s face was ugly, with a trace of anger, “If you snatch it, you will have this stench on your body? A shameful thing! My Xue family’s face is lost to you!”
Xue Kai didn’t speak, he knew he couldn’t hide Xue Fangyang.
He stood there, his face flushed, and wanted to prove that he was enough to serve as the next Patriarch.
“I underestimated him,”
Xue Kai gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, “I will definitely ask him for this account! Anyway, he is not from the Jiang family, and I have no worries about starting with him!”
“You know what a fart!”
Xue Fangyang cursed, “I spend tens of millions a year to let you study abroad. What have you learned?”
“This Jiangning, if it is from the Jiang family, that would be easy to handle!”
If Jiang Ning is not, then who is behind him will become a mystery, let alone Xue Fangyang, I am afraid that no one in the entire north knows until now.
Having killed so many families with large surnames, and now causing heavy losses to the Long Family, even the Linglong Group, which had been deployed for many years, went bankrupt.
Even if Jiang Ning was behind Jiang’s family and that Jiang Daoran, Xue Fangyang would not believe it!
The mere Jiang family has no such strength at all and can support Jiang Ning to this step.
“I do not understand?”
“You don’t need to understand.”
Xue Fangyang fiddled with the gold bars one by one on the table again, and snorted, “I’ll take care of this. You are still young. In the northern chess game, I don’t have much experience. My Xue family wants something. , It’s not that easy to get!”
He not only wants to get the congratulations he wants from that Jiang Ning’s hand, but also to dig out the people behind Jiang Ning!
The Long Family suffered heavy losses, somewhat unclear, and the Pang Family did not respond. The more unresponsive, the more worrying it is.
Xue Kai was in a hurry. He returned to China, but just to make some achievements, Xue Fangyang refused to let him participate.
“You can’t do murder now!”
Xue Fangyang exudes a sharp breath.

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