Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 899

Hearing Long Linger’s words, Jiang Daoran laughed.
He opened the jar on the table, took a piece of candy from it, and put it into Long Ling’er’s teacup.
“You try again.”
Long Linger didn’t say anything, picked up the teacup, and took another sip.
Tea is still so bitter.
But in the bitterness, there is still a trace of sweetness, jumping and rolling in her throat.
Lin Yuzhen is Jiang Ning’s candy.
“I gave up.”
Long Ling’er put down the tea cup, as if putting down Jiang Ning, and sighed softly, “There is Lin Yu really here, I can’t grab it with her.”
“You should have your own life.”
Jiang Daoran said, “I remember when you were young, you two had a house, you had to marry him, but after all, it was just a house. When you grow up, you will understand what love is.”
“I’m from here, so I don’t want to see that you will suffer and regret later, understand?”
Long Ling’er nodded.
“Jiangning is not willing to hurt you,”
He continued, “In his heart, he always treats you as a younger sister, and he also wants to care for you and protect you. I want you to feel it.”
Jiang Daoran leaned on the sofa with a smile on his face.
It seems that he doesn’t care what Long Linger said, someone is going to kill himself at the evening fair.
Instead, he cared more about Jiang Ning.
If you want to see Jiang Ning’s future happiness, don’t walk the way he has gone, don’t hurt any one, care about the woman he loves him.
“I know.”
Long Linger said, “Uncle Jiang, don’t worry, I will not affect them, nor will I affect them.”
In this world, if there are other women who can affect Jiang Ning’s true relationship with Lin Yu, then she can’t accept it.
She looked at Jiang Daoran and returned to business.
“Uncle Jiang, the fair at night…”
“The Pang family hasn’t been as active as it is today for so many years. It’s hard to be kind,”
Jiang Daoran smiled, “The one who should come will always come, and you can’t hide it. Besides, there is no need to take these gossips to heart.”
Long Ling’er was still worried.
This expo was held by the Pang family, and the news was released by Pangbo. Moreover, Jiang Ning slapped Pangbo severely in front of everyone. Could it be that Pangbo would swallow it?
She worries that this is a bureau.
“It’s nothing, don’t worry.”
Jiang Daoran smiled and said, “Okay, thank you for your kindness, but I really don’t worry, you can go back and work if there is nothing to do.”
“In the current situation of the Long Family, you are probably in a state of discomfort. When your father was still there, we had less contact with each other, but if you need my help, just open your mouth and tell me.”
Long Ling’er knew that Jiang Daoran couldn’t listen to anything he said.
She was anxious, but she had no choice but to hope that Jiang Ning was not really so ruthless and didn’t care about Jiang Daoran’s life or death.
Jiang Hai sent Long Ling’er out of the house and hurried back to the study with a serious expression.
“Master, this is not a joke!”
He could hear that Long Linger was really worried.
In other words, if someone wants to kill Jiang Daoran, it is definitely not groundless!
Since some people suspect that Jiang Ning’s identity is related to the Jiang family, then some people think that the Jiang family is a huge threat.
They are not sure about the relationship between Jiang Ning and the Jiang family, they must have no idea!
And the best way is naturally to kill Jiang Daoran.
As long as Jiang Ning takes action and saves Jiang Daoran, what else needs to be explained?
“How come you have become a mother-in-law.”
Jiang Daoran frowned, “What can I do?”
“Master, the Pang family…hidden too deep!”
“These four top wealthy families in the north, our Jiang family, are actually similar to the other two, but this Pang family, for so many years, who knows their details?”
Jiang Hai worried, “Don’t be careless!”

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