Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 901

On-site security and safety were done in accordance with Pangbo’s requirements.
Anyone who is experienced in anti-reconnaissance can see that the security arrangements of the entire mall seem to be tight, but in fact, they have deliberately left gaps to make it easy for people to escape.
It’s just that it’s not so obvious. Most people just think that the Pang family is really hard at holding this expo.
“Jiangning, whether you are a human or a ghost, I will know tonight.”
Pangbo touched his face and said lightly, “This slap, you may have to return it thousands of times!”
Tonight he invited almost all the big family families.
If everyone watched Jiang Ning come to save Jiang Daoran with their own eyes, then no matter how the Jiang family explained, the relationship between the two of them would be unclear.
A top wealthy family, and another Jiang Ning who is so arrogant and arrogant to the extreme!
Either one is daunting. If the two are still father and son and belong to the same family, how daunting is this?
The Long Family is now in decline. In a short period of time, there can be no threat to the Pang Family. Even the prosperous Long Family, the Pang Family does not care.
As for the Xue family, not to mention the Patriarch of the Pang family, even Pang Bo is indifferent.
This time I asked the king to enter the urn. Isn’t it the Xue family that I borrowed?
They probably thought that the Pang family was used by them!
Humph, a bunch of idiots.
As for the Jiang family…if there was no such variable as Jiangning, the Pang family would not care about it either.
After all, the Jiang family is the only one of the four top wealthy families that has no background. It can even be said that the Pang family doesn’t care about the weakest big family.
But with Jiangning, it’s completely different!
Pang Bo was calm, neither sad nor happy, and there was no emotional change on his face.
Even if he was slapped by Jiang Ning, he didn’t seem to be angry at this moment.
This kind of person who hides his emotions in his heart is the most terrifying!
There are more and more people at the scene.
The voice gradually became noisy.
Pangbo walked to the sign-in place at the door and received them one by one, giving people an easygoing feeling.
The heads of those families with large surnames, even if they were older than Pangbo, stepped forward quickly, holding Pangbo with both hands, with a respectful face.
“Shao Pang has worked hard!”
“Pang Shao was still picking us up at the door, which really made us flattered!”
“I have seen Shao Pang, Shao Pang still has the same style!”

Compliments, sentence after sentence, Pang Bo was very patient, responded one by one, and talked cordially, just like his usual reputation.
“Master Xue family, Master Xue family, here!”
At the door, the roll-caller shouted loudly, raising his head, as if he wanted to perform well in front of Xue Fangyang and his son.
“The Xue Family Patriarch is here!”
“I have seen Patriarch Xue! Master Xue!”
Xue Fangyang raised his head slightly, glanced at them, and nodded lightly, as a response.
He glanced at Pangbo: “Pangbo, it’s really good, the Pang family teaches well.”
“Uncle Xue praised,”
Pang Bo said, “Uncle Xue is able to come, that is to give face to my nephew, I am grateful.”
Xue Fangyang gave a hum and nodded softly.
He glanced at Xue Kai: “You two of your age can communicate a little bit, Xue Kai, learn more from Pang Bo, you know?”
“Yes, Dad.”
Xue Kai said seriously.
He turned his head to look at Pangbo, and said with a smile, “Pangbo, you have to take me well.”
“Where to say, learn from each other.”
Xue Fangyang walked in, and Xue Kai’s expression immediately changed.
He said lightly: “There hasn’t been any movement for a few years, this one has been moving, it’s so big, Pangbo, you are really not easy.”

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