Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 904

“Lin, are you alone?”
Pang Bo couldn’t help asking.
“Yes, this level of expo, I will be enough.”
After Li Dong finished speaking, he explained with a smile, “Don’t get me wrong, Shao Pang, I have no other meaning.”
“I am Lin’s representative in the north, and my name is written on the invitation letter, so naturally it is me.”
After speaking, he didn’t say much, nodded, wrote his name on the sign-in form, and walked into the venue.
As he walked along the road, Li Dong could feel his eyes, all staring at him!
It seems that coming alone makes them very surprised.
Isn’t it just an expo, even if Lin does not participate, what’s the big deal? Does he expect a big man like Jiang Ning to come?
He didn’t want to come!
Li Dong ignored those eyes and walked with his head held high.
Can’t lose Lin’s aura, let alone lose Jiang Ning’s face!
He walked to his seat and sat down, the focus of the audience was still on him.
Even Jiang Daoran stared at Li Dong. Although his eyes were calm, Long Linger clearly saw a trace of disappointment in his eyes.
Jiang Ning, really didn’t come.
He didn’t care about Jiang Daoran’s life and death, even if he knew that someone was going to kill Jiang Daoran, he didn’t even care.
“I’m afraid, he wants to kill me himself.”
Jiang Daoran secretly said in his heart.
He took a deep breath, leaned back on the chair, stopped looking at Li Dong, said nothing, quietly watching the fair in the venue, ready to begin.
“Dad, didn’t come.”
Xue Kai lowered his voice, “Do you want to continue?”
Xue Fangyang frowned.
If Jiang Ning doesn’t come, how can he play this chess move?
Is it really going to make people kill Jiang Daoran?
He didn’t care about Jiang Daoran’s life or death. Even if Jiang Daoran died immediately, he would not have any mood swings, and he would even be very happy.
But you can’t let your sister suddenly become a widow, right?
He is angry, that is also his Xue Fangyang’s sister, a member of his Xue family!
“carry on!”
Xue Fangyang said, “Even if Jiangning didn’t come, he would definitely arrange someone.”
He didn’t believe that Jiang Ning would really not care, Jiang Daoran’s life and death.
He concluded that Jiang Ning is Jiang Daoran’s son, and he can’t be wrong!
Perhaps Xue Fangyang would still have some doubts before, but seeing Jiang Daoran coming alone, he can be sure that Jiang Daoran also expects Jiangning to come.
Standing on the stage, Pangbo said loudly, “I am very happy to invite you all to participate in today’s expo. I am honored!”
“The companies invited today are all companies that are pivotal in the north. Their products have also aroused a strong response in the northern market!”
He loudly said: “Today, I can invite everyone here, bring your products, and have an exchange. On the one hand, it promotes the development of the northern economic market. On the other hand, it also allows everyone to have more cooperation. opportunity.”
There was a burst of applause.
“Behind me is the exhibition stand this time. All the products have been displayed in it.”
“You can watch, ask questions, communicate with each other, and promote development. I hope that at today’s expo, more cooperation intentions can be promoted!”
After Pangbo finished speaking, the representatives of the enterprises sitting below, as well as the people of various families with surnames, all got up, went to the various exhibition stands to watch, and exchanged one after another.
The whole venue suddenly became noisy.
“Uncle Jiang, don’t you guys go take a look together?”
Pang Bo smiled.
Jiang Daoran got up with a smile on his face: “Of course I need to see. There are a few things. I’m really interested. Let’s go and see!
He stood up, Xue Fangyang also stood up immediately, followed Jiang Daoran’s side, secretly gave Xue Kai a look, Xue Kai immediately understood.
Xue Kai stepped aside and made a secret gesture while others were not paying attention.
At the same time, on the second floor of the mall, the second floor that had already been emptied, behind the pillars, the exposed eyes became sharp and vicious in an instant!

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