Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 910

Pangbo still remembers the slap Jiang Ning gave him, and he will return it sooner or later.
He knows forbearance very well, knowing that these years, it is not to see who lives domineering, but to see who lives for a long time, can survive others, and he is the winner after all.
So even if Jiang Ning slapped him, he didn’t have an attack on the spot. He waited for the opportunity to kill Jiang Ning again.
Several of Pangbo’s men went to the Lin Group branch.
Their speed is extremely fast, even before Li Dong, they arrive first.
A few people didn’t hesitate, and immediately rushed in. As soon as they arrived at the door, they saw Jiang Ning sitting on the sofa in the hall. On the table, there was a pile of snacks, and many bags were already empty.
There were five or six cigarette butts in the ashtray, which had long been extinguished and was soaked in water.
Jiang Ning looked up and squinted slightly.
“Who, what does Lin do?”
“We… Let’s find Mr. Li, is he there?”
“Not here.”
Jiang Ning didn’t look at them again, grabbed the French fries, and continued to eat, too lazy to pay attention.
Several people met each other once, and then immediately retreated.
It seems that Jiang Ning has always been in the Lin Group branch. He can’t be so fast. Even if he can get to the scene, he won’t have time to come back and make arrangements.
Watching several people leave, Jiang Ning put down the snacks in his hand, and the corners of his mouth raised a touch of playfulness.
“Is it delicious?”
He smiled.
Behind the sofa, Brother Dog raised his head and shook his head again and again, his voice was dry.
“Delicious is delicious, that is, can you give a bottle of water, it’s dry.”
A few packets of French fries, the dog brother ate them in a minute, the corners of his mouth were still full of crumbs, his throat was choked, and it was a bit uncomfortable to speak hoarsely.
He hurried to the office, found a cup to pour water, and then stopped drinking, his throat really started to smoke.
“Brother, Pangbo can really endure it,”
The dog gurgled and drank a few big mouthfuls before he felt he was alive, “You slap him, he didn’t resist.”
These elder brothers and brothers of the northern surname family have seen a lot of them.
All are arrogant and domineering, no one is in the eye, but this Pangbo seems to be a little different from them, and he looks more gloomy and more city.
“He doesn’t dare.”
Jiang Ning said directly, “If his fist is harder than mine, he will bear his ass.”
He was full of disdain.
Jiang Ning hasn’t seen people like Pangbo. To put it simply, he is bullying and fearing hardship.
As someone else, Pangbo might have killed him now, and he didn’t dare to shoot himself, just because he didn’t know his details, for fear that he would lose his life if he didn’t kill him!
“He sent those people just now.”
Brother Dog said, “Should I leave them behind?”
“What do you leave them for?”
Jiang Ning gave a white look at Brother Dog. Why did he not like to use his brain after having been with him for so long.
With this hand, he directly broke the siege of Pombola, and even put the Xue family into it. Just wait now and watch the excitement quietly.
As for the details of the Pang family, whether the master is a member of the Pang family depends on how the Xue family pried them away!
“This Pang family is indeed hidden very deeply. I am afraid it is the largest fish in the north.”
Jiang Ning squinted and said coldly, “But even the biggest, it’s just a fish!”
He was thinking, whether this fish should be steamed or braised in brown sauce, or just swallowed them raw!

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